Are You a Frequent Dollar Stores Shopper? Here’s What To Expect in 2023

Dollar store
dollar stores
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Dollar stores are frugal shoppers’ favorite places, and even if they have a distinctly cheap feel, many good purchases can be found if you know how to look. In fact, not only lower-income consumers are looking for deals.

There’s a much greater number of people who earn high wages, such as those who earn as much as $100,000 a year, that prefer shopping at Dollar General and other bargain stores. However, cheap goods have a price too, and there might be some things you don’t know about Dollar Stores. As of 2023, there will be some major changes, so prepare yourself for what’s about to come!

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8 thoughts on “Are You a Frequent Dollar Stores Shopper? Here’s What To Expect in 2023”

  1. Great about Dollar General aiming to add vegetables and fruits to their offering (thanks to Oklahoma). They must clean up their act by keeping clean safe stores as well as get rid of their rodent problem, to entice people to buy their fresh offerings.

  2. Another stupid article. I very rarely go to these stores because they are higher priced then Walmart and krogers in my area. Same with Sav a lot too high priced..

  3. My 3 daughters and daughter in law and I no longer shop weekly at Dillar Tree. The changes and chaos in prices makes DT no different that other dollar stores in our area. I shopped exclusively at DT since 2012 for everything except produce.

  4. I like Dollar Tree for the office supplies I get there. The store also as a great selection of sweets and cookies (I’ve got to stay out of that isle!!). The store also carries a great selection of toothbrushes and toothpaste if you can’t.

  5. I have stopped shopping at Dollar Tree and the 99 Cents Only. Most of the 99 Cents stores more often then not only have one check stand open with lines as long as 12 deep. The Dollar Tree has raised everything to $1.25 and as indicated in this article packages are getting smaller. At this point it is cheaper for me to wait for my weekly flyers and shop and Stater Bros. Winco or Walmart. It’s unfortunate, because I have been shopping at the 99 Cents only store since I was a teenager. No more. All these stores care about is the BOTTOM LINE to fill their pockets. I choose not to support these business and I am not a lone. Everything will continue to go up, but I am old school. I have no problem planting my own vegetables, making my own breads, cookies, pastries, tortillas etc. I was raised on rice and beans and I survived just fine. You folks enjoy your millions. Because all households are changing the way they shop due to inflation of Gas, Food, etc. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking people will continue shopping in your stores. I have NOT shopped in any of these Dollar Tree stores since they changed the price to $1.25. Again, I am not a lone. Use to be I couldn’t find parking, now the parking lots are less then half full. Not everyone is blind to CORPORATE AMERICA.

  6. I love your stores! Went there yesterday, again and as usual just wandered around enjoying all the merchandise. I always wish there had been these stores when my kids were young! They would have had a blast shopping there and we would have been able to afford visits. Not only that but the decorations for different holidays is absolutely mind boggling. You can decorate your house and gifts for a fraction of the cost that it once was. I do hesitate to purchase frozen food. I did it once and had to throw it out. Perhaps it was too old? I will try again soon though as know if I had brought it back, my money would have been refunded. Why didn’t I? The gas for the car would have been more than the refund. Keep doing your great work.

    Just for the record I am 87 years old. I always use a grocery cart to help me walk so please make sure there are plenty available.

    Thank you for reading this!


    Judy payne

  7. I have Amazon Prime and ship many packages at Christmas. I pretty much break even with the annual fee and save even more on other shipping throughout the year. I have a Walmart membership for free pickup and delivery. Grocery shopping on Amazon is too tedious and time consuming. Walmart has better prices.

  8. In case you haven’t been to one of these stores lately, They are 1.25 stores now!!They have raised all their prices and are now at the same level as Walmart, so they are not cheaper anymore. Dollar General stores were never cheaper then anywhere else, just convenient.

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