What Does $1 Buy These Days?

Being frugal could easily be the extension of the COVID-19 era, and even after we manage to get rid of the virus, it’s still a good idea to remain wise with our money. But how can someone be frugal and wiser with their finances if they don’t really know the value of everyday things?

Well, it’s impossible, but luckily, I’ve compiled a list of items you can still buy with the $1 bill. It might sound refreshing for most of us, especially during these times, that you can buy a plethora of things with 100 pennies. So, if you’re one of them, you should definitely check this article.

Take a closer look at what you can buy with the portrait of the enormously popular George Washington!

Holiday decor

While it’s not something you would buy every single day (some may have the same holiday decor for years now), the seasonal decorative items bring everyone joy. Unfortunately for some of us, the store selection is equally important when it comes to purchasing holiday decor, as some popular supermarket chains sell pricey items.

I would suggest buying them from Target. The section called ‘The One Spot,’ a.k.a. ‘Bullseye’s Playground’ may surprise you with a variety of seasonal decorative items for just $1. If your kid’s birthday approaches, ‘The One Spot’ is the place to go to organize the perfect party.

Greeting cards

Some people find it hard to express their deepest emotions and feelings for someone, and that’s when getting cards kick into action! All American households should stock up on greeting cards, especially those who tend to forget their best friends’ birthdays.

Don’t let this tiny detail caught you by surprise, and make sure your kitchen drawer has at least five greeting cards in it.

And I know… You might say know that there are plenty of stores that sell dollar-priced greeting cards (the first that pops into your head would be a dollar store), but did you know that Trader Joe’s is another excellent place to seek them? Plus, this popular American store chain offers artist-designed greeting cards; and I can’t say the same for the rest…

here's what you can buy with $1
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E-books for Amazon Kindle

What are we supposed to do while stuck inside due to the coronavirus pandemic? Well, if you want to nourish your knowledge, read, read, read! It costs only 99 cents to enhance your vocabulary and learn new things. Ahh, and I forget to mention that you don’t really need a Kindle e-reader in order to read Kindle e-books.

All you have to do is download the free Kindle app available on the Google Play store (or the App store) and then search for your favorite e-books. You can buy tons of Kindle books, and the best part is most of them cost just 99 cents. Some are completely free of charge.

Makeup brushes

Women say that they can’t really have the perfect makeup without the perfect brush. If that’s the case (I wouldn’t disagree with you), you should know that you can find good quality makeup brushes from the Wet n Wild brand without spending a fortune.

So, if you’re worried about breaking the bank every single time when shopping for makeup products, maybe you haven’t checked Walgreens, the pharmacy store chain that sells several Wet n Wild items. Makeup brushes, eye shadow, nail polish, pencil sharpeners, and lipsticks sell for no more than $0.99 here.

Baking bargains

How can a birthday party or Holiday hit when we are out of pantry staples??? It’s outrageous! That’s why next time you go shopping, make sure to stock up on baking bargains. On most occasions, the vast majority of grocery stores have great deals on pantry staples.

But for just $1, you’ll get pantry staples like flour, baking mixes, frosting, and seasonings. In other words, almost everything you need to leave your party guests with their mouths wide open when starring at your colorful cakes, chocolate cookies, and appetizing pies. Ready to party now?

Ahh, by the way, did you know that these 15 things in your basement are worth a fortune?

Buy with onme dollar
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Coin purses

When your pockets are filled with pennies, maybe it’s time to give 100 of them to purchase a coin purse. Despite the name, you can put everything that fits inside it. Small-size items such as Band-Aids or scratch-offs can be easily placed in a coin purse.

If you search for ‘coin purses’ on Amazon, you’ll find a variety of them that make perfect gifts for birthdays and Holidays. From animal prints to floral designs, Amazon has a fun selection when it comes to little coin purses. Make sure to arrange the results from the lowest to the highest-priced item to get the best deal possible.

Wedding supplies

If you’re married, you know how much it costs to plan a wedding. Some think that weddings are an unnecessary expense. Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can tie the knot without spending a fortune. There are many craft and decor suppliers that offer great deals on wedding supplies.

Oriental Trading is one of them! If you take some time to check their website, you will see a wide selection of wedding supplies for just $1 (some cost less than 100 pennies). From colorful chair decorations to table tags, Oriental Trading offers many inexpensive wedding supplies of good quality.

Keep your money for your dreamy honeymoon, or, even better, for a home down payment!

First-apartment essentials (Yep, some of them are just one dollar)

Who said that you need to spend a fortune to move into your next apartment? (I didn’t…) There’s no reason to destroy your budget on things like utensils, food-storage containers, mops, light bulbs, shower caddies, rubber gloves, or other first-apartment essentials.

Head to your local dollar store to load up on this type of essentials. You’ll most likely find everything you want in order to settle into your new home. Most of them cost no more than $1. Besides, everyone should purchase these household essentials at the dollar store, not just new homeowners, since they often come at a lower price than most stores.

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