10 Things You Shouldn’t Buy at a Dollar Store

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Dollar stores have become a necessity to many people around the world. However, just because its products cost $1 doesn’t make them cheap. Most times, you end up buying several poor-quality products that won’t do the trick. So, in the end, you are wasting money.

Dollar stores’ prices may be low, but you can get better deals elsewhere. As with anything cheap, quality will always suffer. But don’t get it wrong, there are many great things to buy at Dollar stores. If you want to avoid buying unwanted products, keep reading this article.


For years, dollar store experts have warned people not to buy batteries at dollar stores, especially if they are carbon-zinc batteries. Their service life for this type of battery is not as long as that of branded alkaline batteries. Also, the leakage will damage the equipment.

Most times, a $1 battery pack in the Dollar store has a warning printed on it: “Used for low-power devices,” such as remote controls. So not suitable for other high-power devices like massage guns or shaving machines. Therefore, even though the prices are attractive, getting Duracell, Energizer, or even Kirkland batteries is better.

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In a dollar store, it is best to skip the electronics shelf. Most electronic devices you buy will not last long, especially HDMI cables and power strips. It is best to buy electronic products at a lower price from a legitimate electronic retailer or an online store.

In addition, according to the experts, dollar store extension cords and USB cables contain high levels of chlorine. This usually indicates that these devices are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride plastic, which many studies have shown to cause cancer.

Beauty products

Finding the right price on beauty products can be a challenge, but never try to take shortcuts in the dollar store. If something is not from a recognized brand, please skip it, especially when it comes to skincare products. Most of the beauty products from dollar stores have SPF, which will degrade over time.

Also, it’s hard to tell how long these products have been on the shelves, so it’s not worth the risk. Nevertheless, there are exceptions. Many dollar stores have some brand beauty products, so if you find your favorite brand and the product looks fresh, go for it.

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Health products

Vitamins, medicines, and other health products can be expensive. But you should always try to buy these in pharmacies, retail stores, or wholesale warehouses. Even though health products can be purchased at the dollar store, it is not advisable.

Don’t fall victim to the low prices. Most of these products are not manufactured by the best companies. As a rule of thumb, try to avoid buying generic drugs at dollar stores.

Plastic kitchen utensils

Dollar stores are an ideal shopping destination when planning summer parties or barbecues. However, we recommend that you do not shop for anything in the plastic kitchen utensils’ hall. According to the Ecological Center, most plastic cookware, such as plastic spoons and spatulas, may contain bromine, a component of brominated flame retardants (also known as BFR).

According to national health authorities, brominated flame retardants are associated with cancer, birth defects, and brain development problems. Therefore, don’t save money and buy higher-quality stainless steel cookware.

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It is tempting to buy toys for a few dollars to make your child happy. Although a doll or puppet sells for only one dollar in a dollar store, these toys have a very short lifespan, making you feel guilty for buying something so cheap.

Most of the toys are made in China and have not been designed to last long. Also, you need to pay attention, especially when buying toys for children under 3 years of age, as some of these toys have parts that they can easily break and swallow.

School supplies

When buying school supplies, there is always a temptation to spend a couple of dollars on school supplies, but the quality of some of these is very low. When considering this poor quality, it is no surprise that mechanical pencils break often or that pens stop writing even if they have enough ink.

For your school supplies, it’s best to buy oversized packages at the warehouse store because these are usually made by branded companies. Sometimes, you can make a great purchase that can last you for several years without having to buy more.

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For DIY enthusiasts, having tools is a must. That’s why you can end up spending hundreds of dollars in buying tools part at the dollar store. Unfortunately, the quality of the dollar store’s tools is deficient. They don’t last long.

Tools like screwdrivers, tape measures, paintbrushes, and wrenches are sold at dollar trees, but they don’t have excellent quality. If you end up buying any of these, you will notice how they only make you frustrated over time.


If you consciously go to a dollar store to buy jewelry, you may already know what you are doing. If you are serious about buying jewelry, then you must be doing it to complete a costume. If you find a piece you like and plan to wear it once, then it is okay.

However, if you plan to actually use the ring or necklace, you will end up disappointed. There is a reason these pieces of jewelry are cheap: they are not usually very durable. At best, they can last a whole week until they start to break or you begin to have allergic reactions to the metal.


When you’re searching for items for your kitchen, you’ll want a knife that can get the job done. However, a knife at the dollar store may not be able to do its job appropriately. Some kitchen items, though, such as food storage containers, are worth buying.

However, when it comes to knives, this is a big no-no because these knives are not sharp so they can be very dangerous. Dollar store knives are not a good investment.

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