8 Ways You’re Losing Money Without Your Knowledge

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People are losing money without their knowledge and the increase of bank charges and debit alerts are only making things worse. Therefore, the Bank of America laid out policies on mobile transactions. Many citizens are not aware of these policies, except for curious individuals.

This post contains information that enlightens you about the eight hidden fees you didn’t know you were paying or thought of as insignificant. Read till the end to discover shocking truths about the charges leaving your bank account.

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Cash Advances

Cash advances are life-saving methods, but do you know there is an interest rate when paying back? Hence, do not be surprised when you hit a high transaction fee. It may come with a 3% or 5% additional rate, depending on your bank charges.

If you have a minimal account, you will receive extra charges for having below the required amount. Banks implement this policy to ensure customers try as much as possible to maintain the minimum amount. You may also receive cash advances debit when you travel for a vacation.

In this case, it comes as the departure tax. It is an advanced payment that is not pronounced unless you do thorough research.

Credit Cards
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Credit Card Switch

When you transfer your balance and switch credit cards, banks incur some charges. Although many people migrate to a bank to enjoy a lower interest rate, it does not exclude hidden fees. The old bank would request 3% of the available amount as the transaction fee. Meanwhile, some credit cards do not incur a balance transfer fee.

If you have a little amount in your account, it is best to do a credit card switch now. A high balance would attract a higher percentage. You want to save some money for your basic amenities and not some non-profitable bank charges. Hence, try reducing the charges rate as much as possible.

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Debit Cards

Generally, we know debit cards are for withdrawing, but what happens to the hidden fees you cannot account for its transaction? Prepaid debit cards often stand as an emergency fund, which payment is based on regular purchases. As enticing as prepaid debit cards may be, it has some maintenance with high deduction fees.

Also, card activation pops up as one of the hidden fees.

Hence, avoid using your prepaid debit cards often than your usual expenses.

Many bank fees are not disclosed openly. However, these policies exist most subtly, not revealing the entire memo to customers. You need to understand the terms and conditions before subscribing to a plan. Since the fees are small amounts, it may take some time before realizing a fee has left your bank account.

Retirement Fees
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Retirement Fees

The American government pays attention to its citizens until retirement, hence allocating a flexible retirement plan. However, you need to understand your plan and the expenses it entails.

Many people lack a proper understanding of this and get confused about the charges their accounts incur. Not understanding your requirement fee conditions may not permit you to enjoy the lifetime break you dreamed of.

If your retirement plan includes resort attractions, evaluate the services before making a payment. Some hidden fees may include swimming exercise fees, Wi-Fi, or a gym. These activities are regular, and we may not pay attention to them. More so, some companies include an extra fee of up to $27 without making it obvious.

Festival Ticket
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Events Ticket

Many people are trapped in daily workloads and can do almost everything to get out of it. For the millennials and Gen Z, events seem like the escape route. When you check events online, the organizers include high charges, knowing many people would subscribe without doubting. However, you may pay more than the services provided.

To minimize hidden fees when trying to have fun, compare several vendors’ prices before deciding on the best option for you. More so, your decision should be based on affordability and quality service. Another thing you can do is staying away from online tickets but rather buying at the box office.

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Oversee Travel

Bank charges are higher than usual when you travel outside your country. Using an ATM would incur extra charges as well. Try spending in cash in other countries, if you can. Also, try sticking to a budget, as the exchange rate in your vacation country matters as well. If the exchange rate is not favorable, there would be many hidden fees you may have to pay.

A foreign transaction imposes a 3% withdrawal fee for the card issuer and the processing amount. However, credit cards like Sapphire cards would not incur a foreign transaction fee. You can apply for this type of card if you meet the requirements.

By the way… this book might be helpful!

Transaction rate
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Excess Transaction Rate

When you carry out an excess transaction on your savings account, it may incur some charges. Making payments, withdrawals, or transfers beyond the usual would call for the messages and record rates. A good way to identify this is through your statement cycle. However, avoid using the paper statement method.

With advanced technology, electronic releases are the trending report method. Using the paper statement method means you are ready to pay the $2 monthly fee that comes with it. Use the electronic statement method to minimize cost and print it out yourself if you need the hard copy.

Having known where to begin your financial documentation. Financial documentation will help you account for your spending and what savings to expect in the nearest future.

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Automated Teller Machine Fee

This is one of the most visible transaction fees many people know about. In Bank of America, users receive $3 charges from another bank of the user’s account. Although the information will pop up on the ATM, many of us hardly pay attention to it.

These policies are transparent, but only a few know why they should pay for any bill. Proper understanding is required to know the hidden fees for American citizens. More so, a need for detailed research and explanation in the simplest form.

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