8 Reasons Why Your Water Bill Is So High

Why Your Water Bill Is So High
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Water is a vital utility service in any house, making it a significant concern for homeowners when it is not working according to plan. If you get an expensive water bill, it can profoundly affect your budget.

If you believe to be wasting water, you need to identify the leak as soon as possible. If you have a meter to count how many gallons you use per month, you can check if you have a leaking issue.

Generally, the average household can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water every year due to water leakage. This, as a result, translates into several hundreds of dollars in expenses. When your water bill is higher than average, it is important to find out the cause and correct it as soon as possible.

With this in mind, here are some common causes of expensive water bills.

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5 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Your Water Bill Is So High”

  1. If people would just flush the toilet every 3 to 5 times after urinating, it would save a lot of water, instead of flushing every time.

  2. Water is a natural resource that belongs to the American people! Pumping and delivering water to the citizenry is done by private entities – they are entitled to receive monies for this service, however, THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO CHARGE US FOR OUR OWN WATER which belongs to us, the American people! This is another corruption and theft foisted on the American people and needs to STOP!

  3. People who live alone do not need to flush after each bathroom use. In the last years I have paid for actual water use one month per year, except for the customer charge which is unavoidable because of government ripoffs.

  4. You pay more for bottle water than from your tap. If you do not like how things are done, just drill a well in your back yard and get YOUR water for free or dig a big hole in your yard, sink a tank, get water trucked in and drink and flush all you want.

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