17 Best Things to Buy at Target

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There’s a reason why everybody in America loves Target! It’s probably one of the best stores because it literally has everything you’ll need! We all know that shopping can be a bit overwhelming especially when the store has a big offer and you go there to buy those kitchen towels you need, but you just saw that Ayesha Curry Muffin Pan and it’s impossible not to buy it because your friends will come over for the weekend expecting to eat the best muffins that only you can make. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw no. 14! Check it out!

Target Stores are the number two best discount retailer in the USA and they have distinguished themselves from their competitors by offering the best variety of products one can have. 69% of Americans have a positive opinion about Target.

That’s followed by Dollar Tree with 66%, Kohl’s with 64%, Walmart with 63%, and finally Costco with 61%.

So what more can you wish for? Grab your shopping bag and go to the closest Target Store!

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6 thoughts on “17 Best Things to Buy at Target”

  1. Why is it better overall? Target is not that much cheaper than Costco, if at all. Many of the items mentioned in this article can easily be found at other stores and equal, or lower prices.

    1. I agree! I used to shop at Target, but groceries there are too high & aside from a good deal on something once in awhile, it just didn’t make sense for us.

  2. I live in Charlotte County, VA. and our closest Target is Richmond. It would be so nice to have a Target closer to me. Any chance that would happen soon?

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