Top 10 Worst Items to Buy at Warehouse Clubs

warehouse clubs
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When the time is short and your shopping list is long, you usually want to stop at the warehouse club. After all, places like Costco or Walmart have everything from groceries, cleaning supplies, electronics, and clothing, usually in bulk and often sold at discounted prices. In addition, you need to get value from the annual membership fee you pay.

Even though the warehouse club is a great place to shop for toilet paper, kitchen necessities, and even wine; you may want to omit certain items. The following are everyday items sold by warehouse clubs that you need to consider buying somewhere else.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Items to Buy at Warehouse Clubs”

  1. Edward Thomas Zubal

    meats and chicken really are a good buy if you have a food saver machine that can vacuum seal your product, thereby prolonging it life span within reason of course>?

  2. The same with their 3 big tubs of Guacamole. Unless you are having a party, it spoils within 3 to 4 days after opening it. I live alone and even one tub was too
    much. I gave two tubs away. Demo lady said you can freeze it, but it doesn’t taste the same, but it is still edible

  3. Great information. I wasn’t aware how things like spices can go out of date so quickly. So I will definitely use this information when determining what I buy at warehouse stores….Thanks

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