8 Cheap & Easy Ways to Make Things in Your Household Last Longer

Things in household

Things in the household cost fortunes and are things we cannot even do without. Thus, avoiding them is not feasible; instead, we manage them and find ways to make them durable. From toothpaste to dishwashers to detergents to food, these items we use daily and, therefore, must find a way to make them last longer to reduce our expenses.

Saving money is not the only benefit when our things last longer; we also reserve the time to pick, order them online, or look for a professional to repair them when they get damaged. Thus, a little time to take care of our stuff can make them durable and prolong the time we need to replace them.

Therefore, here are easy and cheap ways to save money and time by making your things last longer.

Plastic containers

I guess plastic containers are household buy you will see in every home. The container is essential in packing meal preps, batch cooking, storing foods in the freezers, and packing lunches. Although plastic containers are durable, they are easily stained and also smell the last content they contained.

However, rather than throwing or replacing the plastic containers often, we can wash them with baking soda paste to remove odor and stain. We can also use citrus fruit to clean and sundry the tubes for about four hours for UV rays to break down the stain. The tricks will make plastic containers last longer.


You can save your avocados with lemon juice to make them last longer. How? If you have half of an avocado remaining after spreading a half on your burger, or you put it into your scrambled egg, save the other half by squeezing a lemon or lime juice on the exposed half.

Lime or lemon juice prevents oxidizing and therefore makes the avocados last longer. This trick works because citric acid is a natural preservative.

After adding the acid, you can store the avocado in your freezer by wrapping it with plastic wrap and store face down in your freezer. You may also save it in your avocado hugger.

Button and Zip

Certain cycles in your laundry machine can wash your clothes vigorously. Vigorous washing may be suitable for heavy-duty fabrics, but the garments often have zips and wallets, and they may snag other clothes while washing. Vigorous washing may even spoil the zips and make a button lose.

To prevent the wrong side of vigorous washing, turn your clothes inside out as this will prevent the buttons and the zips from snagging and catching. Another advantage of turning your clothes inside out is that it stops pilling your clothes and, therefore, becomes more durable and looks new for a long time.

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Measure your detergent

The load of garments you put in your laundry machine may tempt you to add more detergent and fabric softener because more detergent means cleaner garments, and more fabric softener means softer clothes. However, that’s not always true because more detergent means your garments will become stiff and dull. Also, more fabric softener will make more bacteria inhabit your clothes.

Thus, it is better to follow the detergent’s container’s instructions and use the appropriate dosage to have a good wash. The right amount also means you don’t spend more money buying detergent and leave your clothes to last longer.

Remove your batteries when they are not in use

As with plugged-in appliances and electronics, your battery half-life may still be draining even when not in use. Therefore, take them out when you don’t need them. You sure need to follow this advice. It is paramount, especially if you will not be using the battery for an extended period; for instance, if the usage is seasonal, like Christmas decorations.

If you want to enjoy the durability of your battery, we recommend getting rechargeable NiMH batteries. When you choose NiMH battery, you make an upfront payment and will get numerous – running to thousands of charges out of the latest batteries, which allow you to save money.

Repair Household items

Rather than replacing every household item that got damaged, you can try repairing them. However, this depends on the item, as you are better off replacing some inexpensive and fragile parts. Thus, consider the item and how much the new item will cost or the cost of repair and see which one saves more money in the long run.

An item with a warranty also helps you to replace a spoiled one at no extra cost. Therefore, before buying any item, check whether it has warranty protection. Many credit cards offer extended warranties. To enjoy your warranty protection, keep the receipts of the items properly as that is what you need as evidence.

Water heater

Once a year, it is advisable to trek down into the bottom of your basement to check your water heater; you really need to care for your water heater because it is an appliance whose proper care and maintenance make a huge difference.

You should flush the water from the water heater yearly to prevent sediment accumulation, which will affect the durability of the water heater. The anode rode may need replacing, so check it too. Anode rode prevents quick corrosion and rusting of the inside of your water heater. Thus, taking care of it is essential for your water heater’s durability.

Store cans and jars upside down

You will not believe how much difference this little trick can make, and many experts have recommended it. Storing your jars and cans upside down inside the freezers ensures their longevity.

When you save your sauces, jam, and cans upside down, it creates a partial vacuum inside the container, preventing mold from growing. Not only cans can benefit from this trick but also save your paint upside down as Family Handyman mentioned that storing a paint can upside down makes the paint create an absolute airtight seal.

The airtight seal will make your paint last longer. Thus, a simple trick of saving cans upside down can save you some bucks.


Testing out the ‘eco-friendly’ settings on your printer, dishwasher, washing machine, and other household appliances can make them last longer and also save you water, electricity, and printer ink because eco-friendly settings work as efficiently as standard settings.

Flipping or rotating your mattress also ensures durability. Cutting your toothpaste tub to use the hidden gel inside also saves you money for a day or two

The easy and cheap ways to make things last longer ensure we cut some expenses, save time and energy we will use to buy a new one, replace the worn-out parts, or get a professional repairer.

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