These 8 DIY Jobs Will Make Your Home Look Amazing

DIY Jobs, cheap

Handling some jobs ourselves can save us the money we would use to call a professional. Also, some easy tasks at home ensure we build worthy experiences and get a fee when we do them for others. Also, DIY jobs are perfect tasks to do when we are confined at home.

However, not all DIY jobs are suitable for you to tackle, as some require a certain level of expertise and experience. Changing light fittings, fixing leaks, and wiring sockets are jobs people have tried but couldn’t do successfully. Therefore, you may be better of involving professionals.

Hence, there are specific jobs you can easily do yourself that can save you time and resources.

Repainting wooden furniture

Instead of throwing that old table or chair away, why not repaint it? The first thing to put in order when repainting wooden furniture is to lay down a cloth to catch excess paint; most people forget this. Next is to use a flexible foam sanding sponge or thick sanding paper to sand down the furniture’s surface.

After the above process, use a primer to seal the wood and dry it for about an hour. You can now paint the surface with the color you desire. Meanwhile, do not forget that you will need two coats for proper painting. Repainting furniture makes the furniture looks new and saves your money from buying replacements.

Resealing your bath

Your bath may leak over time when the sealant rots away. However, replacing a sealant isn’t an arduous task when you have a cartridge gun. Get a Stanley knife to remove the old sealant by slicing from top to the bottom of an edge and pulling the sealant away from the wall.

The next step is to fill the bath to make a wider gap between your bath and the tile; this step makes setting the sealant comfortable. The next thing is to use the cartridge gun to fill the gap in a consistent and steady motion. Let the bath dry in a day, and it is then ready to use.

A quick tip on using the cartridge gun is to practice on a piece of paper before graduating to the bath.

Building yourself a firepit

Having no money to buy a brand new firepit should not stop you from having one; why not build your own? The idea of building a firepit may sound strange and daunting to you, but trust me, it is not hard as you may think. Creating a firepit needs just limited time with little material and little or no experience.

You can also buy a pre-designed firepit ring kit that comes along with the pit blocks, or you can use a paver base to create one while retaining fireproof bricks and wall blocks. You will see many DIY videos on creating a firepit.

Tackling leaky taps

A leaky tap isn’t just annoying because it is leaky; it is annoying because your room may be flooded with water and gives you the additional task of mopping up the floor. A faulty rubber maker is probably the indicator for a leaky tap. However, checking out and fixing the tap is not as tricky as it sounds.

The first task is to attach a different tap to see if the problem will persist and know if yours is at fault. Many YouTube videos can guide you on successfully removing a tap by loosening the screw, which is mainly under the hot and cold caps.

You may have to order a new washer if the tap continues to leak and the price is affordable. Try fixing leaky taps; it is the knowledge you will be glad you have.

Sewing clothes

Imagine sewing the outfit you rock out there; that may take you time to perfect, but what if you see a cloth for your pet? Learning how to use needles and thread is vital knowledge you will relish. From amending your torn shirt to fixing a button, learning how to sew is just beautiful. Funny enough, buying a sewing kit is cheaper than you might think.

Numerous YouTube videos are there to teach the basics of button-fixing and other minor sewing tasks. You may start with hemming if you are finding it difficult to start. We will advise you to start with a cloth you are trying to discard.

Hanging pictures

We earnestly hope you won’t see hanging pictures as a difficult task. Hanging pictures is a straightforward task that you start and complete within few minutes. All you need to hang pictures are a hammer and nails. The only tricky thing to know is exactly where to put the nail, which comes before picking the hammer.

If you are starting, tell someone to hold the frame you want to hang for you at the position you want to place it. Then, use the nail to mark the top center edge and a ruler to hit the target. You may need to wear your glasses to prevent falling dust from getting to your eyes.

Sorting the sink-trap

The j-shaped sink-trap under the sink needs to be sorted after years of washing down bits of food. The first task is to unscrew the slip-joint nuts from either side of the J-pipe using your hand or a wrench for more stubborn and older nuts.

Make sure you keep save the O-ring (the spongy ring) usually present around the pipe. You can now take the J-pipe out and tap it against the wall to remove the gunk in it. Learning how to sort a sink-trap is a beginner’s step to know how plumbing works. Do not forget the O-ring while fixing the tap back in position.

Fixing cracks

Cracks would soon affect your house over time when you fail to fix them when they start to appear. If cracks are in the areas where there is constant movement, like around windows and doors, they get bigger faster and cause you a problem when the area starts to give a sign of tearing down.

You can fill the cracks with caulk, which is readily and affordable online. It is effortless to fill your cracks, and you only need to level off after filling with caulks. However, if the hole is huge, first pad the surface with newspaper before using caulk. The newspaper serves as grips for the caulk to grab onto.


Fixing a blocked drain with bicarbonate soda and vinegar, making a bookshelf, building a fire pit, freshen up your furnace, and repainting the garden deck are other DIY jobs you can easily do yourself. You can see that the options above aren’t difficult to handle. Hence, you can learn and practice them in minutes.

However, you may have to watch some YouTube videos to perfect your skills before you lay your hands on other technical or tricky DIY jobs. Also, seek professional help for a dangerous but easy task, especially tasks that revolve around electricity like socket-fixing. DIY jobs can save you money and time you will use in calling professionals.

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