5 Amazing Tips to Get Gift Cards for Free

gift cards for free

Gift cards are awesome, but do you know what is even more awesome? Gift cards for free! Yes, you’ve heard this right. You can get gift cards for free, and we are here to tell you how.

Today, we tend to pay using cards more than back in the day, and this makes gift cards a perfect method of payment. Today, we tend to pay using cards more than back in the day, and this makes gift cards a perfect method of payment.

Now, you can get gift cards from almost any big retailer. Most of them sell these cards or offer them as freebies for various occasions. Many times, buying gift cards in bulk can be more profitable than regular shipping because it can help you save money.

Read on and find out the best ways to get gift cards for free and change your shopping experience!

gift cards for free
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1. PayPal Honey

If you’ve never heard of Honey before, you need to know that it is an app that helps you get Amazon gift cards for free. This app also includes the Honey Gold program, which allows you to earn cash-back rewards (from 0% to 100% at some stores).

After making a Honey transaction at a participating store, you will be notified whether any of the items purchased are qualified for cashback that may be exchanged later on for an Amazon gift card.

What is exciting about this app is that you don’t know what the reward is beforehand. It is a mystery. Just do your regular shopping, earn the points, and then use them for awards.

2. Get them as gifts

This might be one of the easiest approaches on the list, but if you want gift cards for free, just ask for them. Many times, people don’t know what presents to buy for their loved ones, friends, and relatives, and one easy way out is to give them a gift card from their favorite store.

Next Christmas or on your birthday, tell people that you want gift cards, and this can be helpful for both of you. They will no longer need to think about what to buy, and you will get the gift cards for free. This is surely a win-win!

In this way, you will avoid receiving gifts you don’t want, and you will get the chance to buy yourself whatever you like from your favorite stores. Also, making the lives of those around you easier is totally worth it.

3. Ibotta

This is quite a popular app that is available on both Android and iOS. What this app does is really simple. You shop at one or more of the 341 participating merchants, take a quick picture of the recipe, upload it to Ibotta, and you will get some rewards that you can turn into gift cards.

Besides this, Ibotta also gives you cashback from the same stores, and you can also get cashback when you buy stuff from online partners such as Jet, Boxes, iTunes, or Groupon.

Once you’ve earned $20 in rewards, you’ll be able to receive cash via Venmo or PayPal or get free gift cards at Best Buy, Amazon, and Starbucks.

4. Survey Junkie

Surveys can be annoying, but would you like to complete some surveys if you knew that you would get gift cards for free? This sounds like a great deal for many people, and this is why you can try Survey Junkie.

Take some paid online surveys, and in the end, you will receive some points. After you accumulate 1,000 points, which is equal to $10, you will be able to exchange them for gift cards.

So, this can be fun. You can share your opinion on various topics, such as politics and shopping habits, and in the end, you will get paid for it. Isn’t this amazing? We believe that this is a great deal, and you should not miss it.

gift cards for free
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5. Rakuten

This is a site that works a little bit differently than other sites we have listed, but the good part is that you can get gift cards for free.

This is another app that gives you cash back for your shopping. Use the Rakuten shopping portal to buy your favorite stuff, and after every purchase, you will get some extra dollars that you can use later. The best part is that you can use Rakuten for every literary item you buy because they have over 2,000 stores as partners.

Depending on what you buy, the cashback can be 1% or 40%! Now, if you are wondering how you get the money, you need to know that the app will send you money through PayPal, or you can choose to get some gift cards for free.

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