6 Ways To Repurpose Everyday Discards

repurpose everyday discards

Here’s how to repurpose everyday discards!

When you save money, you also save the planet, so it’s a win-win. The old saying, “Waste not, want not,” has long advised us that if we don’t waste things, we end up wanting less. The less we waste, the less junk ends up in landfills after one use or seeps into our soil and oceans.

Whether you think of it as saving money by recycling or saving the planet by being more sustainable, there are many creative ways to do that. Here are some genius ideas to repurpose everyday discards (you’ll wish you knew them sooner!).

repurpose everyday discards
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1. Shoe boxes

Shoes are an everyday necessity that, when purchased new, generally come with a disposable shoe box. While it may seem easy to reuse the box, there are lots of ways you can put it to better use.

For example, you can use the cardboard from the boxes in many ways, from composting them to DIY projects like drawer dividers. If you’re into DIY projects, other ideas include upcycling these boxes for shoe storage or using them to organize the cords around your house.

They can also be very useful for packing fragile or small objects when moving.

2. Toothbrushes

Another great way to repurpose everyday discards is to upcycle your old toothbrushes. They make magical cleaning tools!

Toothbrushes are wonderful for removing stains from clothing and getting into the tiny crevices of your bathroom tiles or kitchen sink. It’s very satisfying when you see how they get the dirt out of surfaces!

You can also use them to apply hair dye, shine your shoes, create texture in arts and crafts, and more. Another reuse for an old toothbrush is for makeup application, particularly on eyebrows, but make sure to sanitize it before using it for this purpose.

In other words, think twice before you throw out worn-out toothbrushes because there are many creative ways to repurpose everyday discards.

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3. Eggshells

Once you’ve cracked the egg, you toss away the shell without hesitating. After all, what could an eggshell possibly do besides house a meal?

Well, there are many things you can do with them, from decreasing bitterness in your coffee to composting them or simply grinding and mixing them into your garden soil to improve its condition. For the coffee thing, all you have to do is put some eggshells in your coffee as it brews and see how much acidity it removes from the taste.

Moreover, ground eggshells can serve as a calcium supplement in chicken feed and wild bird feed. Powdered eggshells can also be added to baking soda and a bit of water or vinegar to make an abrasive homemade cleaning solution that can be used to clean pans and pots, showers, and toilet bowls.

Read on to find other ways to repurpose everyday discards!

4. Egg cartons

Speaking of eggs, their cartons may not seem like something you can reuse, but you’d be surprised. If you want to repurpose everyday discards, start with egg cartons because it’s so easy with them.

You can use them to organize and store jewelry or separate paint as a paint palette. If you like DIY projects, you can get crafty and make a Christmas decoration, a bird feeder, or a cute holiday wreath. Egg cartons can come in handy for lots of crafts and storage solutions, so make sure you consider ways to recycle them before you throw them away.

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5. Wine bottles

Another creative way to repurpose everyday discards is to stop throwing away empty wine bottles and using them for decorative purposes. According to a recent study, glass bottles are usually much more damaging to the environment than plastic ones. In fact, around 70% of wine bottles wind up in landfills.

To help reduce that number and add a vintage touch to a room, use empty bottles as homemade candle holders (these long candles from Amazon are a best seller). Another idea would be to turn them into soap dispensers by buying a stopper that would be used in an olive oil or liquor bottle.

6. Used clothing

Donating old clothes or garments you no longer use is an excellent way to recycle them, but you don’t always know they won’t end up in a landfill eventually. So, you can sell them if they are gently used, which means you can make some extra cash. Or you can find other ways to repurpose them instead and extend their life span.

For example, you can turn your old t-shirts into reusable shopping bags or rags. You can also cut them into strips and braid them to create a chew toy for your pooch.

Another great way to repurpose everyday discards and breathe new life into fabrics is to make draft stoppers for underneath your windows and doors in your home.

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