Walmart Has Better Deals Than Target at THESE 10 Items

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I think we can all agree that if you want to save a couple of bucks and stick with a household budget, then the best choice to go to is Walmart. It’s true that both Walmart AND Target are two ideal places where you can shop if you want to access the best deals on groceries and home goods.

However, there are many several examples where shopping at Walmart will definitely help you fight inflation, just because they have lower prices. And since we know that one or two examples might be helpful, we’ve decided to make a small list of items that are worth getting from Walmart.

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2 thoughts on “Walmart Has Better Deals Than Target at THESE 10 Items”

  1. I wouldn’t set foot in Walmart if you paid me.

    They have destroyed more Main Streets in America than all other problems combined.

  2. But at Target I don’t have to check out myself and do their job. Walmart is not a great store anymore. They are lazy and rude.

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