9 Kirkland Signature Products You Should NEVER Buy

Kirkland, products
Kirkland, products
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Kirkland products? Yay or Nay? 

Ahh, Costco! One of the most appreciated stores in the entire country, Costco gained its popularity because of the amazing products and bargains it constantly offers its customers. If you want to save money, shopping at Costco might be the best idea. However, the fact that they mostly have items sold only in bulk made a lot of people change their opinion about this store. Why?

Sometimes, because of the affordable prices, we are tempted to buy more than we actually need, and by doing this, we actually spend more money than we initially thought! In today’s article, I am going to show you which Kirkland Signature products must be avoided the next time you plan on shopping at Costco.

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35 thoughts on “9 Kirkland Signature Products You Should NEVER Buy”

  1. I must defend the Costco roasted chickens.They are so plump and delicious. They are a time saver and money saver. Not only does my husband and I have a quick chicken dinner (adding a starch and vegetable) but also I made delicious chicken enchiladas and then still had chicken left over to make chicken noodle soup (using the bones and scraps boiled to make the chicken broth). I’m sure there are many other meals one could quickly make with these chickens.

    1. They didn’t say anything about roasted chickens, but about the chicken bake at the concession stand. But know that if you treated chickens in your backyard the way these chickens are raised, you would be cited for cruelty to animals. Would you wish that your pet or anyone’s be kidnapped and live a long, slow tortured death so that someone could have cheap chicken? Check your finances and see if there is somewhere else to cut costs.

    2. I agree. the chickens are great!!! We just bought 10 last week. We buy them in bulk, debone, freeze the meat, & make broth with the scraps. I don’t know why anyone would complain about this kind of convenience.

      1. why would anyone complain? because this kind of “convenience” takes animal cruelty to a new level, and it’s also destroying the planet.

        1. I have not had that problem with the batteries & I have been buying them for 10 plus years; also the eggs are a great deal; you can always hard boil them; besides eggs keep much longer than the date; that is a sell by date; not a USE BY date. I have cooked eggs 2 weeks past that date & they were perfectly fine; believe me, you know when you have a rotten egg!

    3. I have to agree with Jo! I just bought one today! I get so many meals out of one chicken! And when it’s gone I throw the bones and carcass into my slow cooker and add water to cover and simmer it for 24 hours. I add vegies to it for myself and my dog gets it for a treat instead of fattening dog treats. My cat loves it too!

    4. First off, I love Costco and visit on a regular basis. However, those roasted chickens are absolutely horrible. They weigh in at over 7 pounds. The leg portions are so tough. The breasts are dry and tasteless. Do yourself a favor. Go to a local meat market and buy a 3-4 pound chicken. Bake it in the oven. You will be pleasantly surprised at how tasty that chicken is. (Probably tastes like the ones your Mother made).

      1. Did you ever think the local meat markets vender does the same thing to the chickens. I enjoy Costco chickens

    5. your ” plump and delicious…. …time saver and money saver” takes animal cruelty to a whole new level, and it’s destroying the planet in the process. aren’t you proud of yourself?

      1. Yes, you people are absolutely ridiculous. They are chickens do you think for one minute they know anything different. Wild animals really don’t have it any better, and you are able to shoot and kill them for food. Costco chicken is the best.

    6. I like roasted y but the corporate ones are pumped full of water and are genetic hybrids that lack the nutrients and protein content that heirloom birds have they have less meat and more fat on them

    7. marlene marginet

      The Last 3 roasted chickens i bought were either bloody by the bones or had a slimy stuff between the layer of meat when shredding. Will not be buying again and the chickens were part of reason for joining club.

  2. The reason I stop buying the chicken bake is that they are fill with air. Gone are the days when they had a lot of chicken unless the cosco in NY gives more chicken than the Winston cosco. That is why my family stop buying it. Thanks for the other info. Question why cosco not carrying some products he use to.

  3. Dr. Jacqueline Davis

    I was quite surprised to read all the critical comments about some of Costco’s best-selling products.
    First, I will comment on the eggs, yes Costco sells eggs in bulk (2 or 5 dozen), but if you have a business or a large family these eggs are consumed within 1-2 weeks at most. Second, the Kirkland baked chickens are a hot seller and they are quite good! The price attracts lots of customers, eager to purchase these Chickens. I have seen customers standing and waiting for them to complete the rotisserie process and be packaged, steaming hot, and grabbing two or three at a time. Third, the produce, well these packages are large and perishable if you don’t consume them or store them in the freezer properly. I truly believe customers who frequently visit the produce area have some prior knowledge of which products to select that will last longer, and the items that require immediate storage or freezing to prevent contamination or spoilage. As for the milk, I am not pleased with the container itself, it is made of a very thin layer of plastic, and these cartons are often dented and do not package well with other products on the journey home. Often I have experienced the milk carton dripping milk when I arrived at my destination. Yes, the milk is a good price compared to the local grocery stores, but one gallon is too much for our house, I prefer a half gallon or a quart just for cooking purposes. In summary, Costco is a great money saver, if you need to buy in bulk. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Kirkland products. I have an Executive Membership, as a business owner, I so appreciate receiving my rewards checks at the end of the year as a thank you for shopping!

  4. I have found that the “G” – George brand of jeans at Walmart are a good buy to me. They fit good and the color is good. And the price is better. One style of blue jeans have an appearance of a more expensive brand with an everyday price of a little less than $12.00. And they are comfortable. Try a pair and you might find yourself going back for more. I was really surprised they had quality built in them.

  5. Maybe you should change the heading to don’t buy these bulk items if you are a single person! Would be more relevant to the article! BTW I love Costco chicken!

  6. The Kirkland bar soap is one I will never buy again.
    Yes it doesn’t smell good. Almost like a dory rag.

  7. We have enjoyed the roasted chicken more than once. It is perfect for several meals.
    Common sense leads me to choose fruit, vegetables and other perishables carefully. The quality of all is far above local groceries. I can use up a container quickly by stir frying or varying recipes. Waste only occurs if I forget I have an item. I try to keep those items visible. There are three adults in my home.

  8. We don’t buy much stuff from Costco generally as a couple, as we really don’t have enough space to store it. Freezer is not large and always full, plus I enjoy shopping just about every day in smaller amounts. But the rotisserie chicken is the one thing I HAVE to buy when there! It is good!

  9. Have had no problem with buying in bulk
    It is easy to repackage into smaller portions if necessary. Also love the Rotisseried Chickens. They are a family favorite Only problem I find with Costco is when they stop carrying items or brands that O always bought.

  10. it’s so sad to read all the comments about people buying costco roasted chickens. it takes animal cruelty to a whole new level. and factory fqarming like this is helping to destroy the planet.

    i frequently leave suggestions in costco’s suggestion box to please stop this abhorrent practice…

  11. Give me the white meat , I don’t care about the legs….What can you get today for 5 bucks, an you can
    make a couple of meals out of. But my father, who lived on a farm,]. Said the chicken is the dirtiest animal .

  12. Alas, we don’t have a COSTCO here in NZ, (yes there is one in Aukland), but I have heard many terrible things about the prices and lack of items I was accustomed to back in Hawaii Kai- it really doesn’t deserve the label. ( And its like 500 miles away!) I so miss the great prices, massive selection, quality fresh meat, dairy, and produce & awesome island poke !!! The $1.50 Polish, and fresh Caesar salads- the extensive and cheap beer, wine & spirits- and the tools & culinary supplies- and most of all the social aspect of seeing your friends and neighbors and the dedicated staff w/ so much Aloha Spirit.

    I so miss COSTCO Hawaii Kai !!

  13. I total 1000% agree with this article on COSTCO . It is a waste and ripoff. They charge you for membership fee when you do the maths if you local stores has sale and coupon your atba better place with saving believe me . You buy these thing in bulk DONT have a large family or running some restaurants or something like that it’s a TOTALLY WASTE. PRICE ON VEGETABLE NOT GREAT. AND OTHER THINGS BUT I LEAVE IT THERE.

  14. How sad, that here in America, so many people are blind to the fact that animals have all of the same feelings that we do, and ignore the terrible fact that factory farming is still going on in civilized countries like ours. After seeing videos of factory farming methods, I have totally given up eating animals at all. And until the laws are changed or science has progressed in the process of growing meat from cells, I will remain a vegetarian, a vegan, actually, because even eggs are produced with pain and suffering from the animals that lay the eggs.

  15. I am single and agree that the packages, for the most part, are way too much for a single household. Non-edible items, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. are a good buy if you have the room to store it. The quality of the toilet paper is just fine for me. But, I can see those people with sensitive skin, may not like the feel against their body. Where I save the most are: Vitamins, eye ware and travel. The Kirkland Signature vitamins are high quality and cheaper than most places. I have purchased eye ware and very satisfied with the service and quality. The price for progressive lenses, frame, UV protection, thin frame was $100 less than the eye ware offered by VSP (my eye insurance). The selection of frames is decent. I don’t like ordering eye ware online and cherish the face-to-face service and measurements. Never have had an issue after buying 3 pairs thus far. Travel deals are great..just depends where you are going and the time of year. Check it out if you get a chance.

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