9 Kirkland Signature Products You Should NEVER Buy

Kirkland, products
Kirkland, products
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Kirkland products? Yay or Nay? 

Ahh, Costco! One of the most appreciated stores in the entire country, Costco gained its popularity because of the amazing products and bargains it constantly offers its customers. If you want to save money, shopping at Costco might be the best idea. However, the fact that they mostly have items sold only in bulk made a lot of people change their opinion about this store. Why?

Sometimes, because of the affordable prices, we are tempted to buy more than we actually need, and by doing this, we actually spend more money than we initially thought! In today’s article, I am going to show you which Kirkland Signature products must be avoided the next time you plan on shopping at Costco.

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4 thoughts on “9 Kirkland Signature Products You Should NEVER Buy”

  1. I must defend the Costco roasted chickens.They are so plump and delicious. They are a time saver and money saver. Not only does my husband and I have a quick chicken dinner (adding a starch and vegetable) but also I made delicious chicken enchiladas and then still had chicken left over to make chicken noodle soup (using the bones and scraps boiled to make the chicken broth). I’m sure there are many other meals one could quickly make with these chickens.

  2. The reason I stop buying the chicken bake is that they are fill with air. Gone are the days when they had a lot of chicken unless the cosco in NY gives more chicken than the Winston cosco. That is why my family stop buying it. Thanks for the other info. Question why cosco not carrying some products he use to.

  3. I have found that the “G” – George brand of jeans at Walmart are a good buy to me. They fit good and the color is good. And the price is better. One style of blue jeans have an appearance of a more expensive brand with an everyday price of a little less than $12.00. And they are comfortable. Try a pair and you might find yourself going back for more. I was really surprised they had quality built in them.

  4. Maybe you should change the heading to don’t buy these bulk items if you are a single person! Would be more relevant to the article! BTW I love Costco chicken!

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