Amazon Prime Day: 4 Things to Know About It

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When in the year are they generally held?

They last for a 48-hour period of sales which is why they are called Prime Days. They always last only for 48 hours and generally end up being held in June or July, so even if you’re missing them this year, they will be coming back next year. It has been happening every year since 2015!

They are both known for having amazing deals, but also for these discounted items to run out of stock easily. The same goes for the Lightning deals, as those can end up selling in a matter of minutes. The appeal of these days and offers is that generally, they have really big discounts for amazing, and at times really pricey items, that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

A good rule of thumb is that if you like something, you should definitely buy it after quickly checking with other big retailers, like Best Buy and Walmart. Generally, the chance of finding a better deal is slim, but it never hurts to check so you don’t end up panic buying something at a higher price, or when another place offers a similar deal that you don’t need to have a membership for.

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