13 Amazing Couponing Websites (and How to Use Them!)

A lot of people, when they think of couponing, imagine sitting down with a pile of newspapers and a pair of scissors. This might have been the case a couple of years ago, and you can still get yours via paper formats today too, but by and large, if you want to snag a good deal you have to visit several couponing websites first.

If your aim is to stay within a limited budget while shopping this means that, for the most part, you have to avoid brand names. But should you give up on the items you love so much? Do you always have to try out store-brand items in order to fill your fridge or pantry?

No, not if you help yourself with a few coupons. And, by the way, we’re not encouraging you to stay away from more affordable brands. In fact, we encourage it, but we know that sometimes it may be difficult to find the right cheaper alternative to replace your beloved brand-name purchase.

So, let’s talk about coupons today. Why are there different kinds and where can you find them?

Why should you consider couponing?

Now that you’re here, you probably clicked on this article because you’re curious about couponing. A coupon here, a coupon there will help lower your receipt. But a lot of people don’t stick to this method thinking that it’s too time-consuming and oftentimes confusing.

It helps if you have a goal in mind. Whether you’re saving up money for a gift, a vacation or simply setting it aside for emergencies or your retirement, there are many things you can do with the dollars you manage to keep in your wallet. This alone should help you push forward, so visualize your goals clearly to help push you forward.

Did you also know that there are different types of coupons out there?

Always check the fine print! This can help you organize your shopping spree so that you’ll know exactly what to pick up when you’re grocery shopping and exactly how much you’ll save.

After all, you don’t want to find yourself at the cash register unprepared, do you?

Manufacturer’s coupons

You can use manufacturer coupons in any store that accepts them and sells the item the coupon is for. These are issued by the manufacturer. So, for example, Nestlé would issue coupons for Nestlé products.

Find out if your favorite or local stores accept manufacturer’s coupons.

There are also printed manufacturer coupons which you have to print from websites, either the company’s websites or one of the websites we’re going to list further on in this article.

Can you print more than one? Not the same one, sadly, as these usually have a code, meaning they may only be used once. Again, read the fine print and find out how many times you can use them.

You don’t want to either throw one away without realizing you can use it multiple times or keeping one and balancing your shopping cart around it, only to find out it’s no longer accepted at the cash register.

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Store coupons and coupon codes

Issued by particular retailers, these sorts of coupons can only be used at the issuing store. The text on the coupon should indicate where you can use it, or you might see a logo form that particular retailer somewhere on the coupon.

In some cases, you may even be able to stack these coupons with manufacturer coupons to get even better deals.

If you’re shopping online, then you need to use coupon codes. Don’t forget to enter them during the checkout process! Unsure whether or not the code is invalid? Don’t worry, the website will let you know!

By the way, try to use cashback methods in addition to coupons for even bigger saves!

Now let’s talk about the best places to get coupons!


Rakuten is a website you can sign up for free both for coupons and cashback benefits. It was formerly known was Ebates, so the services might be familiar to you if you’ve used them before.

On top of finding thousands of coupons on their website, you can also download a Chrome extension that will let you know if any of the websites you’re visiting offer cashback. No research on your part is needed and you can get anywhere from 1% to 12% cashback, if not more during special sales.

There’s also the option of linking your credit card with Rakuten, meaning you’ll earn cash back in select stores. The money will be delivered to you via check or PayPal.


Ibotta makes couponing and earning cashback a little more interactive and fun. The couponing aspect is pretty basic, but when it comes to cash back, if you want to earn some then you have to complete different tasks.

You have to purchase a specific item, for which you’ll also have to provide proof of purchase, for example. Alternative, five a comment on an item or watch a short video. See? Pretty effortless!

Different tasks will generate different rewards, so keep an eye out! Stack all of Ibotta’s opportunities on top of each other while you’re out grocery shopping (and before!) in order to generate more savings!

amazing couponing websites
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For versatile ways to save more money, you should start using Swagbucks today. This website offers both cashback opportunities when you’re online shopping and coupons that you can print out and take to brick-and-mortar stores.

Coupons that you print help you earn Swagbucks. Redeem these for gift cards at a variety of retailers. Another way to earn these points is through surveys, videos, and using their search engine.

Combine all of these methods in order to save on every purchase. The more you use Swagbucks, the easier you’ll be able to stick to a smaller budget. Just remember to keep your goals in mind to make it easier!


You know us, we love being frugal! So we won’t miss this opportunity to talk to you about BeFrugal, an app that makes saving as easy as 1-2-3!

By using this app, your coupon codes will be applied with a single tap so that you won’t have to search far and wide for them. It’s one of the best apps on the market for beginners!

Meanwhile, you can also generate cash back at over 5,000 stores! BeFrugal will reward you either via check, direct deposit, gift cards, or PayPal. So the next time you’re shopping online, make sure to open the app so it can offer you the best deals!


You’ve probably heard of Groupon before. It’s one of the most useful coupon sites that offers great deals for restaurants, travel, or entertainment.

With thousands of their coupons at your disposal, it’ll not only be easy to stick to a budget, but you’ll also be able to pamper yourself from time to time.

Have you been looking forward to a spa day that you simply haven’t been able to fit in your budget? Now’s your chance! What about those car repairs that you’ve been putting off? Well, Groupon can allow you to achieve all your goals and more without spending extra cash unnecessarily.

amazing couponing websites
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Amazon coupons

We won’t blame you if you didn’t know Amazon offered coupons too! Not a lot of people are aware of them and we have to admit, we wish the online mega-retailer would have advertised them front and center!

Our grievances aside, check out Amazon’s amazing coupons here!

Most of the ones you’ll find here are manufacturer coupons. You can easily clip them to your shopping cart with a single tap or click, then continue shopping for your favorite items.

Remember to opt for free shipping so you won’t spend even a penny more than you have to!


One thing’s for sure. You’ll never forget the name of this amazing couponing website! If you’re looking for both online coupon codes and physical coupons then this is the place to look for them.

Make sure you link your debit card to the website so you can get cashback on your purchases.

But most importantly, come back every month to check new coupons, as that’s when the website updates its lists. I like to keep a reminder on my phone, which has helped me keep up to date with the best deals! This website is intuitive and easy to use, so definitely add it to your bookmarks!


If you want to stay on top of amazing deals from various retailers, check out RetailMeNot. This amazing website offers thousands of amazing deals that get updated every day on their homepage depending on what’s trending.
This website alone has reminded me of great deals by keeping me up to date!

But there’s more to RetailMeNot than just coupons. Here you’ll also find discounted gift cards and cashback opportunities. Before you finalize your shopping list, make sure to check this website out in order to save tens of dollars on every purchase. Do the same before heading out to your local store with your shopping list at the ready.

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If you used to cut out coupons from the Sunday newspapers then you’ll definitely remember SmartSource. In addition to the physical coupons in the newspaper, they now also have a new website that is easy to navigate and chuck full of amazing deals.

If you no longer buy newspapers, don’t worry. They offer the same coupons online, so all you have to do is print them out in the comfort of your own home before you head out for that shopping spree.

The only downside is that they do not offer any coupon codes, so when it comes to online shopping, use other resources that we’ve listed in this article.


Here’s another website that is easy to remember. When you think “I should save up more money”, your first instinct should be to go head on over to Savings.com.

This website is particularly useful because they offer more than just coupons closed for when you’re grocery shopping. For example, do you want to save a bit of cash when buying a plane ticket? Then this is the place to look for that exquisite deal.

It’s also a fantastic source for both nationwide and local deals. So if you’re ever worried that you won’t find any coupons for the tiny grocery store right down the road, think again!

Brad’s Deals

Well, Brad’s Deals is the perfect website to visit when you’re looking for deals at very specific retailers. They have all the latest information so you’ll always be able to stay up to date on products that you want to purchase, now or in the future.

What’s more, they have dedicated lists of the best time for shopping depending on what items you need to buy. They do this by analyzing data on former sales.

I check it out regularly, especially a few months or weeks in advance of birthday parties and anniversaries to make sure that everything I buy is as affordable as possible.

amazing couponing websites
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The Krazy Coupon Lady

Thank the Krazy Coupon Lady for a seemingly unlimited amount of deals and coupons. On this website, you’ll find online and printable coupons, but what’s more, is a fantastic place for beginners.

If you’re ever unsure about couponing in general, check them out! The Krazy Coupon Lady will teach you how to maximize couponing in order to always, ALWAYS pay less for your groceries.

So, all in all, this free resource will not teach you basic and advanced couponing methods, but it’ll also give you the coupons you should use from here on out. What could be better?


Once you use SlickDeals you’ll see that they offer more than just deals and great coupons. They make the whole process community-oriented, making it easier for beginners and busy individuals to stick o this method of saving by joining a friendly community of savers.

Their home page is populated by recent deals. But their forums are a great place to discuss saving opportunities with other members. Share and gather information from here with ease, especially if there’s nobody else in your circle that is currently as interested in couponing as you are!

That’s it for our list! We hoped this helped narrow down some great websites and resources for you! After all, couponing isn’t all that difficult and with this list, we hope you’ll find an easier time getting started.

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