5 Great Reasons for NOT Renewing Your Amazon Prime Membership

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Were you wondering if you should keep your Amazon Prime membership?

According to a 2019 study, about 82% of all households in the United States have an Amazon account and the Prime membership that goes along with it! This service is used by a large number of people, and the number is likely to have increased over the course of the pandemic, with even more people possibly using it now. But do you really need this $139-a-year membership?

If you are not one of the people who end up using it a lot, chances are it is not something you use enough of to justify the price. After all, a lot of us still do our groceries by going to the store, and you can get a lot of their items at other stores too!

If you’ve been thinking about cutting this expense and canceling your membership but aren’t sure, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best reasons why you do not need to keep paying for this service!

Let us know how you use your Amazon Prime membership in the comments down below!

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9 thoughts on “5 Great Reasons for NOT Renewing Your Amazon Prime Membership”

  1. Not renewing it because I don’t use the prime entertainment part. They went up from when I signed up too. Don’t use them enough to justify. I will just pay the service fee to order rather than pay 14.99 and not using it often at all.

  2. Love my prime!
    If you take advantage of all the perks, ( video,music, first reads, shipping), it’s well worth the 139 bucks!

  3. I really don’t like using Amazon….would much rather keep smaller stores in business…BUT I am elderly and the nearest shopping center is 100 miles away, so they get my business.

  4. I have had a Prime membership in the past. Its great to get things quickly and Amazon shipping and pick up is first rate. The movie selection is hit or miss. If you order a lot of things and are a avid movie watcher then maybe its worth it. Consider a Netflix account. Their top plan is $20 per month. Yes that’s more then Amazon and it doesn’t include free shipping but the other caveat is their Netflix has a lot more to see.

    However there are a lot of legal and free options around to see movies and older TV shows. Recently I ordered something from a Ebay seller. He sent it right away but it took over two weeks to get it. I live in Chicago and he is in California. The Post Office lost it for over a week. I have never had an issue with Amazon Prime shipping. At $140 or so I say its a decent deal.

  5. Charlotte Holloway

    I keep it for the free delivery, however, I don’t order from there as much as I use too. I find the prices are high on Amazon. I find better deals.

  6. I have cut the Prime cord. Amazon has gone to hell in a handbag. Walmart currently is beating most of their prices. Sometimes by pennies but its still cheaper. I never get things on time any more. Often things are damaged. Amazon blames the Post Office the Post Office blames them. Frankly I am done with both of them.

  7. I have Prime and use it constantly. I have severaL I have several health issues that require some specific food profuycts that are not carried in regular food stores. I can find them on Amazon and have them delivered to my door. I also us it for a lot of other items. The PRIME cost is well worth it to me.

  8. I am 76 and no longer drive. I only buy online from Amazon Prime.
    They’re the only ones that have my credit card info. I no longer have access to my credit/debit card. My daughter + her wife are keeping me scam-free by keeping control of the
    possibility of getting my identity stolen. Amazon is the only place I can make an online purchase and that’s a whole lot better than not being able to make a purchase at all. I have had problems before.

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