6 Tips to Choose the Best Smartphone for Seniors (Besides iPhone)

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1. Low-cost

There is no surprise that not everybody is willing to spend an arm and a leg on a last-generation smartphone. That’s why one of the first tips we can give you is to set yourself a budget that will help you look for a phone. In most cases, the prices range from around $100 to over $1,000, depending on the features or how new the model is. For example, after flip phones were released, everybody wanted to have one, and the good thing is that some models are pretty affordable too.

Old-school, easy-to-navigate flip phones are the best recommendation for seniors. Among the friendliest models we can mention are the LG Exalt, Snapfon ezTWO3G, Jitterbug Flip, and Doro PhoneEasy. For example, the one from LG has a good battery life, large fonts on the display, and big buttons. The only downside is that you can’t use the Internet on it. As with LG, the Jitterbug Flip has a decent-quality camera, flashlight, and urgent response button.

Be aware that none of these cell phones are good for the internet. They are simple, old-school models that are very affordable and easy to use for seniors. So if your budget isn’t that big but you still want to change your old phone, you can look out for one of these.

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