No Costco Membership? You Can Still Score 6 Great Deals Without It

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Get Cool Deals for Alcoholic Beverages!

We’ve all heard about the amazing deals Costco has for their wine selection! Not only are they great quality wines, but you’re also going to find them at really great prices. Dare we say, it’s one of their greatest deals! And here’s the amazing news when it comes to this deal: you don’t need a membership in order to purchase any kind of alcoholic beverage!

It still depends on the state you live in, but there are quite a few states (California included) that have laws that prohibit any store to gatekeep the purchase of alcohol behind a membership! This is why if you’re curious about their wines or want to take advantage of a deal, you should phone your local Costco and ask about this! Who knows, maybe you’re just set for the next dinner party when it comes to wine!

Use Their Online Shopping Option!

The best way to take advantage of Costco’s deals and shop there without actually spending the money on a membership is to do your grocery shopping online! Everyone can do their grocery shopping online at and this is awesome. However, there are a few catches (unfortunately)!

If you’re not a member, you will have to pay a 5% surcharge on each order, and some deals, and at times even items, are locked only for members. If you do the math and end up with a cheaper bill than going to another grocery store or getting things on Amazon, it’s definitely a way to get a great deal.

Yet, if you plan to buy a lot of things and are crossing over a few hundred dollars in one go, you’re better off just spending that extra $60 on the membership rather than paying the surcharge.

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