No Costco Membership? You Can Still Score 6 Great Deals Without It

Costco finds chefs won't buy
Costco finds chefs won't buy membership
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We all love to be able to shop at big warehouse clubs like Costco, but what do we do about the membership fee? For some of us, it ain’t that easy to just dish out between $60 and $120 in order to access the store. After all, despite the multiple articles out there that discuss whether it’s worth it or not to get it (we also talked about it here), you can never know if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Sure, the warehouse club will refund you the cost of the membership if you find it is not for you, but unlike Sam’s Club, you cannot get any day passes to visit the warehouse before you commit to the membership. This might put people off, but don’t worry, you can still end up taking advantage of some of the deals that Costco offers without having to get a membership!

Here we have gathered some of the ways in which you can enjoy Costco’s services and how you can make the most out of their deals without having to pay for the warehouse club!

Let us know if you know about them already or if you plan to use them in the future!

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