No Costco Membership? You Can Still Score 6 Great Deals Without It

Costco finds chefs won't buy
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Prescription Drugs May Make Everything Worth It!

Compared to other pharmacies, Costco has some great prices for some of the most common prescription drugs out there. And while they claim on their site that there is no need to have a membership in order to get your prescription filled with them, it’s not something that everyone knows about. The catch is to tell the person at the entrance that you’re there to pick up a prescription and they’ll let you in with no problem.

Yet, if it’s truly a deal to get your drugs at the Costco pharmacy, you should look into getting them on their Costco Member Prescription Program: with the money you will save from the deals, the membership will basically pay for itself and you can end up getting as much as 40% off on your order in discounts. Besides their already affordable prices!

Take Advantage of Their Food Court!

The truth is, you don’t have to have the membership to take advantage of their amazing food court deals. And while we don’t advise you to make eating at food courts a regular thing, we understand the occasional craving for fast food or just for a snack! After all, if you are around and you’re craving some pizza or one of Costco’s signature deals of a hot dog and a 20-ounce soda for $1.50, you should know you don’t need to be a member to get it.

If they have an outside food court, you’re all set for a carb-filled delight! Otherwise, if they only serve inside, just tell the card checker you’re there to discuss and buy the membership inside, and then just head for the food court! Either way, make sure you have cash with you, as they don’t take cards!

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