Top 12 Cheapest US States to Live in

cheapest us states
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Are you looking for a budget-friendly place to live in America?  Well, we have 6 of the cheapest US states where your paycheck goes the furthest. The cost of living varies from state to state. Since the pandemic started, Americans could choose to relocate to whatever place is suitable for them. Of course, money is always the biggest issue so it might be good to take into consideration some of the places where it’s the most inexpensive to live in.

Across the USA, the cost of living index ranges from a low 83.3 % (17% cheaper than average) to a high of 193,3 (93% more expensive than average). This study takes a lot into consideration, but most of the key aspects include food and groceries, housing, utilities, healthcare and transportation, either public or private.

Here are 12 places where living is going to be economical:

1. Mississippi

  • Cost of Living Index: 83.3
  • Typical Home Value: $158,000
  • Median Household Income: $45,800

It’s understandable that it might not be the most glamorous or amazing place in the USA but it’s one of the cheapest places to live in and it also has its benefits. In fact, it’s actually one of the most overlooked and underrated out of all states.

The living wage in Mississippi is $48,537 and the personal necessities are the lowest in the country. And did we mention the nature opportunities, along with the friendly personalities? All in all, the state of Mississippi has everything a retiree can hope for to settle into a more care-free lifestyle!

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9 thoughts on “Top 12 Cheapest US States to Live in”

  1. I’m sure there is a big difference within each state. For example, Georgia was listed, but certainly life is more expensive in Atlanta than it is in any number of smaller cities. Could you offer a list of inexpensive CITIES or Regions within each state. I am particularly interested in Kentucky or Tennessee. Thank you.

  2. This is a fantastic report and will be very useful for many.
    My question is: Where are the 10 cheapest states to live in if you are a 100% disabled veteran. A couple of things important for us are VA medical care, year-round activities, and state benefits for the 100% disabled – such as no state property taxes, (like Florida and Texas, Minnesota and a few others), no cost hunting and fishing licenses. Just saying. It would be nice if someone would provide a cost of living index taking into consideration the property tax difference along.
    Thank you, Jim

  3. It was interesting to see this list. As it turns out we moved to Georgia in January 2022. Nice to see it made it on your list. It’s a great place to live. I cannot think of anything I’m missing in California.

  4. I lived in Memphis for 15 years. I was so happy to see it in my rear view mirror. Memphis is a violent city. Per capita is one of the 4 most violent cities in America. Memphis is ore violent per capita than Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami, Newark, & Trenton. I have spent time in every major city & a large number of small towns in Tennessee. If you are not a white person, Tennessee can be a very challenging state to live in.

  5. I live in Kentucky. The cost of living in surrounding small towns is far better than Louisville, where many people have bars on windows and doors. But you trade off any sense of culture. None of my neighbors can spell or carry on a conversation. I have to pretend I understand what people are saying.

  6. I don’t understand how Alabama can be one of the cheapest States to live in with no increase in minimum wage because the State couldn’t afford it, but mainly because of the sales tax, even on groceries! It’s 10 to 11 percent in most if not all of the State.

  7. Great point. We love North Carolina because the medical care/hospitals are ubiquitously recognized as being fantastic. (we live in the third largest city, Greensboro). However, not one of the cheapest states. Many of the States that were mentioned have very high crime rates. Hard pass on those.

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