10 Things Every Target Shopper Should Know

Groceries from Target
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6. Coupons are your new best friend

If you get the app, you will receive weekly coupons. You will have them directly sent to your phone.

7. Request a price rain check

Has it ever happened to you that you find a product that you like and it’s on sale, but the stock ran out of it? Well, if the answer is yes, we’ve got a solution or you. Next time this happens to you, request a rain check.

This entitles you to the same sale price for the next 30-45 days. You can do this at any Target store.

8. Subscribe

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you get to save 5% on everyday essentials. You get to have them delivered to your door whenever you want as well.

9. Trade old electronics and you get a surprise

If you bring in your old electronics, in exchange you will receive a gift card. Sounds like a dream, am I right?

10. Shop the clearance section from your own home

On the official Target website, you can shop all of the items from the clearance section.

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