10 Things Every Target Shopper Should Know

Groceries from Target


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Everyone loves shopping at Target. And we know how expensive one trip to the store can get. But there’s a solution to that. There are some tips which will help you save some money and make some wise decisions regarding shopping.

Here are some helpful insights:

1. Choose your day wisely

During each day there are some specific items on sale, such as the following:

On Mondays, you get discounts on books, accessories, electronics, and stationery

On Tuesdays, you get these on-sale: women’s clothing, pet supplies, and market food items

On Wednesdays, you can benefit from lower prices on men’s clothing, health, garden items, and furniture

On Thursdays, you can easily purchase these on sale: lingerie, shoes, sporting goods, decor, and luggage

And on Fridays, auto, cosmetics, hardware, and jewelry can be found at a reduced price

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