6 Grocery Store Discounts You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Grocery shopping
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Retailers and other businesses are offering rewards, discounts and other special impulses in order to attract and retain customers. It’s a win-win situation: people enjoy special deals, while stores make more money by retaining existing clients. A loyalty program includes different benefits like free merchandise, coupons and early access to new products.

We have a list for you of some of the biggest grocery chains that offer a customer loyalty program. We know, there are many stores that launched a fidelity program as it might seem like the new trend in the retail field. For this very reason, we chose 6 stores where you can actually benefit from their loyalty program so that you can save some money.


A shop for all of your needs from groceries to children’s books, Walmart didn’t have a loyalty program until recently. Called Walmart+, it offers quite some benefits. Not for free, though, because you’ll have to pay a $98 annual fee. If you regularly buy things from Walmart, this price could be well worth it. But let’s see the benefits:

  • Receive 10 cents off each gallon of gas, more than the previous 5-cents-off perk
  • Get more than 160,000 items from tech and toys to household essentials and groceries right to your doorstep (only for orders over $35)
  • Get free next-day and two-day shipping from Walmart.com with no minimum order (all items, not just groceries)
  • Digital coupons to be redeemed on your purchase and order while checking out
  • Access to a Scan&Go feature for contact-free checkout.
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