8 Pantry Must-Haves During Winter

pantry must-haves

These are everybody’s pantry must-haves during winter! Do you have them in yours? 

Not many people can admit they enjoy the winter season. And I can relate! However, even if we like it or not, this cold season can also be an opportunity to stock up on delicious items for our pantry. I mean, with such a huge variety of comfort food recipes, it’s impossible not to indulge yourself once or twice a week.

Either you’re living in a place where snow is huge and going to the supermarket isn’t always on hand, or you’re living in a sunny state, it’s always good to have these pantry must-haves in your home. Let’s start with number one:

pantry must-haves
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Bone broth

There is no better season than winter for some tasty and warm bone broth with vegetables or your favorite choice of meat! That’s why I put them first on the list of pantry must-haves. My pantry is never complete if I don’t have at least ten or more cans of broth. I mean it!

Since you can use broth in almost everything you make, it’s a smart idea to always have some on hand. It’s also terrific when you’re sick since you can crack open a can, warm it up, and take a drink to get better.

Dry pasta

Who’s up for a tasty and steamy portion of spaghetti on a chilly winter evening? Easy to store for a long time, dry pasta is one of the best pantry must-haves during the winter. Plus, it’s so affordable too, especially if you buy them in bulk! If you are looking for items that won’t break your budget and you must cook for a large family, opt for pasta. For sure, you’ll make an impression.

Are you looking for some cute-looking jars to store your pantry must-haves? No worries, I got you covered! This set of six glass jars with a clamp lid and leak-proof rubber is available on Amazon for just $26.99. I got mine last week, so you better hurry up if you want to benefit from the same price.


Mmm…tasty! I can’t think of another tasty and easy-to-make breakfast during the winter months. Oatmeal is definitely one of the pantry must-haves if you want a fiber-packed meal. You can easily combine it with the dried fruits of your choice or consume it as it is with warm milk and a few other spices. My favorite is cinnamon; yours?

Canned tuna/chicken

Getting your daily amount of protein is crucial, but what do we do in these harsh times when meat prices have skyrocketed? Well, we rely on canned items. My family’s favorites are canned chicken and canned tuna.

Easy to store in every pantry, it’s always nice to have them on hand when you want to make a salad or cook some delicious lunch meals. Do you know what else is among the pantry must-haves and makes a great pair with the canned items? Rice, of course.


Another tasty staple (but not just for the winter season) is rice. It is known for being a good carbohydrate because it can keep you satiated for a long time, but it’s also a great side for vegetables or canned meat. It’s good to buy the rice in bulk, especially because it’s way more affordable than this. Plus, if the winter is long, it will also last a while.

pantry must-haves
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Nuts and nut butter

Having a wide range of nuts and nut spreads is essential for any winter pantry, whether you enjoy them on toast with a dab or sprinkled over your bowl of oatmeal! Crunchy peanut butter and pistachio nut butter are two of my favorite nut butter to stock up on. Delicious!

Canned vegetables

If you have a small freezer I’d recommend you stock up on canned vegetables. And trust me when I say they’re as delicious as the fresh ones if you cook them accordingly. Plus canned vegetables also last a long time. The only drawback about these veggies is that they tend to be quite salty that’s why I recommend washing them thoroughly before serving them.


Are coffee lovers around here? I hope you say yes! Well, if you enjoy drinking coffee, hot or cold, there is no way you will miss the opportunity to stock up on it for the winter season. You can’t get up and be functional without the magic liquor, can’t you? Check out the best-grounded coffee at Costco or Aldi. Just avoid buying it in bulk! If you don’t consume it within a month, it will lose its flavor.

What other pantry must-have items do you store in yours? Tell me in the comments.

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