6 Grocery Store Discounts You Didn’t Know You Could Get

ShopRite store
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Shop-Rite’s free Price Plus Club provides members with some benefits you might find tempting. This mid-Atlantic chain can give you some unique deals. If you don’t have a Price Plus® Club card, you can get one at any ShopRite store or register via shoprite.com.

Here’s a brief of what you’ll get by joining their fidelity program:

  • Members-only discount access
  • Special offers and freebies, holiday promotions included
  • Checkout coupons based on previous purchases
  • Earned rewards once you interact with brands by linking your account to Downtime Dollars.

Also, if you’re enrolled in ShopRite’s program, you’ll be automatically receiving notifications of product recalls if you purchased affected items. We think it’s a very beneficial perk as it’s easy to scroll past news of the latest salmonella outbreak.

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