7 Things You Should Never Buy From Target (and Why)

Target holiday
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How often do you go to Target?

We all know that when we go on a quick trip to Target to buy just a few items, we sometimes end up purchasing a full bag of things. And that’s a fact. Whatever your spending weakness might be, be it sweets, chips, clothes, mugs, candles, or pajamas, there’s a very big possibility that Target has it and you’ll probably take it home with you.

Some people even say that there’s a thing called the “Target Syndrome”, which means buying a lot of stuff you really don’t need, just because they’re in front of you and the prices are really good.

But this addiction won’t do you any service, especially if your goal is to save money. But we’re here to help you out. We’ve compiled a list of 7 things you should stop buying from Target, and we’ll also tell you why you shouldn’t do it. Let’s get started! Click on the next page:

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1 thought on “7 Things You Should Never Buy From Target (and Why)”

  1. Ellis Smith, Jr.

    I buy only one (1) item from Target. Pop-Secret Jumbo popping corn in the 50 ounce size jar. This because, Target is the only place, I’ve found it. Public’s has the popcorn, but in a much smaller, (20oz) size, for almost the same price! We have three Targets in my town but, they are the farthest stores for me to shop, (4 to 12 miles), than the other combo food/drygoods style stores, (3 blocks to 2 miles).

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