9 Eco-Friendly Ideas To Help You Reduce Waste

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3. Avoid single-use items

Cooking your own meal at home whenever you are planning on going for a picnic will not only help you reduce waste and save some money, but you will also bring a reusable package to store your food. Try to avoid buying items like plastic cutlery, straws, plates, or cups!

4. Use homemade natural cleaning products when possible

Have you tried homemade natural cleaners before? Everybody knows that vinegar is one of the best products you can have in your kitchen. Why? Because it may help you clean the oven, for example, or other surfaces that are greasy or hard to clean with a regular cleaning product.

Have you tried it? Does it work for you? Another DIY cleaning product you can easily use instead of a sponge is a natural dish scrubber made of jute, which is a great eco-friendly fiber.

This new “sponge” will have a longer life and will be your best friend when it comes to washing dishes.

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