9 Eco-Friendly Ideas To Help You Reduce Waste

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7. Give up the tea bags

Teabags are made of microplastics, which are bad for you and the whole environment. That’s why you might want to switch to loose-leaf tea, which is actually a healthier option too!

If you are a tea lover, you will also be able to combine tons of yummy plants in your cup! Next time you go shopping, buy a teapot with an infuser (if you don’t have one) because it will save a lot of waste, plus it will look amazing on your living room table.

8. Compost your food waste

If you are not composting your food, then most of the weight in your trash is probably coming from food scraps. Do you know what happens when food waste is disposed of in a landfill?

If it can’t decay as it should, it produces a greenhouse gas called methane. If you have a garden, it might be easier to compost the food, but if you live in a flat, check out on the internet what other solutions there are according to your neighborhood.

Try to contribute as much as possible in order to have a healthy and nice environment for you and your family!

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