Worst things at Target! Don’t Buy These 8 Things

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We know we’re all looking for deals, whether we’re looking for them online or in physical stores like Target. But sometimes we forget that just shopping in one place isn’t the best idea and definitely not the most frugal one. Sure, sometimes we are stripped of time and, due to the rush, we have to get everything at one store, but most of the time, that definitely isn’t the case.

And while some of us have the habit of staying loyal to one store or another, not everything they sell in one place is as good as it seems. This also happens to be the case with Target, which (despite being the go-to store for many of us) has some things that lack quality or are just not as good as the stuff you could get in other places.

But due to the sheer size of the retail store, we know it’s hard to know what to steer clear of and what to get, which is exactly why we have gathered some of the items that you’re better off getting from some other stores!

Tell us about your favorite store and what you can’t live without from Target!

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1 thought on “Worst things at Target! Don’t Buy These 8 Things”

  1. Not a frequent Target shopper. Occasional toddler or children’s clothing or toys for grandchildren. Thanks for info!

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