7 Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Door

old door
old door
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As we all know, reusing items has become a popular home décor trend these days. The most significant benefit of upcycling projects is that you will save a lot of money, demonstrate your creativity, and make the most of old, useless items that have been lying about.

Repurposing an old door is a fantastic concept. An old door may appear to be destined for the trash, but with some creative remake ideas, it can be given a new lease on life and transformed into a fantastic home décor project.

We’ve gathered 7 fantastic old door repurposing ideas for you below; they take a little work but are well worth every reclaimed penny! Enjoy!

Top of the table

Because solid wood doors are already cut to a practical size, they make excellent tabletops. Simply choose a door that you like, paint it, or lightly strip or sand it to give it an aged appearance, and then attach legs or a base that matches your style. Place any door atop two painted sawhorses for a quick table.

Consider covering the door with a cut-to-size sheet of glass if it has raised or recessed sections to give a smooth surface for drinks or other goods that might wobble. Smaller doors can also be transformed into tables in the same way! End tables can be made out of half-doors.

Make A Floor Mirror Out of An Old Door

Do you like the way mirrors make your home look?  Many antique doors have recessed panels that are ideal for mounting a mirror. A full-length mirror can be purchased for a reasonable price at your local home improvement store. Using a glass-cutting tool, score the mirror to the desired size.

Remove the extra parts with a snap. Make sure the part of the door where the mirror is located has been sanded or peeled off of any finish, and then use adhesive to fix the mirror in place.

Paint your old door and hang a floor-length mirror on it, leaving enough room around it to show off your door. When you lean it against a wall in a living room or bedroom, you’ll get a visually unusual and appealing look that adds depth and visual space to the space.

Not only that, but everyone will remark on how lovely the new addition is to the room.

Hang It Up

Hang your door from the beams of a porch or a thick tree branch to make an eye-catching outdoor table. This is such a unique take on a typical picnic table, and it’s a lot easier to put together than making one from scratch. For an outside room, this offers a striking focal point.

There are also additional seating possibilities because there are no legs or supports to juggle. Drill holes in the door, thread the string through and tie huge knots to hang strong twine over the beam or branch. With hanging chain, eyelets fixed with a bolt under the table work well.

Turn an Old Door into a Bar

What better way to repurpose an old door than to turn it into your own personal bar? A bar fashioned out of old doors is fantastic since it provides plenty of tabletop areas while also having a totally unique design.

This one-of-a-kind bar top idea will leave your guests eager for more of your distinctive home ideas, whether you’re wanting to wine and dine guests in your backyard, basement, or even during a special occasion like a wedding and especially during summertime, everybody calls for outdoor bars, and this one has plenty of room for all of your bartending supplies.

Make a Command Center/Chalkboard

Covering an old door with blackboard paint for an instant in-home message center is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do with it. If you come across a door with numerous panels, experiment with using each one for a different purpose.

Paint one portion with chalkboard paint, attach a corkboard to another and create a magnetic message square with a piece of sheet metal. Make sections for your main concerns every day, and you still have room to write errands and shopping lists.

Great idea to keep daily groceries and meal wish lists on the memo board. Essential papers or notes for family members might also be hung where they can be easily seen.

Use an Old Door for Towel Hooks

Turning the door on its side is only half of the job with this repurposing idea. Paint the door with steam-resistant paint, add a few hooks, and hang it firmly with the correct hardware if it’s going in a bathroom with a shower. It gives a unique touch to the bathroom that you’ll appreciate.

This DIY old door concept can also be used as a coat rack, hat rack, or key hanger in your foyer. As the first and last thing you see when you enter or leave your home, this inventive and trendy approach to repurpose a discarded door will be a pleasant sight.

Use an Old Door to Make Cabinets

Repurposing an old door to make a cabinet is next in the long, creative list of ways to use old doors. With this, you can earn some real unique style points for your home!

A cabinet fashioned from ancient doors is the ideal way to add character to a lovely kitchen or opulent bathroom while also providing plenty of storage and organizational space for you and your family.

Repurposing existing doors for useful and beautiful home cabinetry can be as simple as hollowing out the paneling or making a sliding barn door cover. For a quick and easy storage solution, place shelves on the front of a door. (Ensure the door is securely fastened to the wall or that wooden feet are installed beneath the bottom shelf.)

You can even make a full-fledged bookshelf by adding the top, bottom, and side panels. Add a clip-on metal bulb to the top for more style and functionality.

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