Repurpose and Reuse Old Items! Top 9 Creative Ways

Creative ways to repurpose items

Throwing away your broken stuff can be painful, especially if you have a long history with them. Throwing away your broken stuff can be painful, especially if you have a long history with them.

However, you can transform them in several ways. For instance, you can have many teacups, picture frames, furniture, or other common household items that you are thinking of throwing away.

Instead, you re-use them and give them a new purpose! This is a great way to keep your home free of trash and add some decor at the same time. Here you have a list of relatively simple DIY projects that take very little time. Most importantly, they allow you to completely re-use old items into something useful.

Creative ways to repurpose items
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Use old wire baskets to make lamps!

If you have any wire baskets lying around, you can finally use them for something useful! As you will see, even if these baskets are completely worn out or if the wires are loose, you can turn them into very cool lamps. The older the baskets are, the more stylish you will your new lamp.

Many people have used this nice trick to create “anthropologically” inspired lights that look great in the kitchen or bathroom. The steps to do it are simple: get the basket and use it instead of your chandelier. If you want, you can paint it in a color that matches your kitchen/bathroom decoration.

Use broken flower pots as garden markers.

Many people have unused clay pots stored away. If this is your case, you can use them to make beautiful garden markers. You will have to break these pots because the broken pieces are more important to this exercise.

Take some parts and write the name of your flower or vegetable with a magic marker, so it doesn’t fall off. If you want to go even further, you can always paint the name or design that you want.

Creative ways to repurpose things
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Multi-purpose mesh product bag.

You can use a mesh product bag for a wide variety of purposes. Firstly, you can use it as rope support. Make sure to open a couple of holes at each side of the bag, pass one end through one of the holes, and then pull it out. Repeat this process on both sides. In the end, you will have a convenient bag!

Secondly, you can use mesh product bags as a simple scrubber to clean around the house. Use it to wash dishes, countertops, and more! Lastly, you can stretch the mesh bag and create an old frame. Place it on your table and use it as an organizer for your earring collection.

Amazing butter wrappers.

Once you finish using the butter, you usually disposed of the wrapper. But no more! As you will soon find out, the butter wrapper can be used for other valuable things. For example, you can use the wrappers as a substitute to foil paper for your baking tray! Wrappers are great for this because they don’t stick to anything.

Also, you can use separate butter wrappers to separate items in the refrigerator or freezer.

Creative ways to repurpose items
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Create art masterpieces with broken dishes

Instead of throwing away the broken dishes immediately, how about turning them into art pieces that can be displayed on the kitchen or dining room walls? If you have some broken dishes, you can use a few larger parts and glue them to decorate the wall.

This is a perfect solution if you have many old/vintage dishes. You will notice how this can change your décor.

Use disposable glass jars.

It is normal to end up with many glass jars after using tomato sauces or buying some vegetables. Up until now, you have probably thrown them away. For your information, they made great vases that you can use around the house! Use empty glass jars to collect the cooking fat that you can put in your sink!

Collect just a little bit at a time, and then when the jar is full, you can finally throw it away. Also, you can use an empty jar to make a beautiful water candle. They look great around the house or as a decoration for your dining room table!

Creative ways to repurpose old items
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Re-use egg cartons.

Don’t throw away any plastic egg cartons. If your friends or family have chickens, ask them if they want your old box of eggs. The paper egg carton can be separated and used as a seed germination container for your garden. Once the seedlings have grown enough to plant, simply soak the entire egg crate cup and plant it directly underground.

The damp paper will eventually become part of the soil. Furthermore, you can use old egg boxes to organize and protect small Christmas decorations.

What about a tissue box?

Use a tissue box to store your plastic shopping bags. Slide the bottom of each bag onto the handle of the next bag, then insert them all into a box. You can also use an empty tissue box as a small trash can. You can place it in the living room to store any snack wrappers. Another great use is to cut off the lids of some old tissue boxes and use them as drawer dividers.

They can help keep even the smallest things more organized. Likewise, you should use old tissue boxes as small trash cans on bathroom counters. This is an ideal place to put your cotton pads and other disposable cosmetics. Lastly, you can use the tissue box as the trash can in your car! You can throw it away when it is complete.

Creative ways to repurpose items
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Use a broken umbrella to make a reusable bag.

When the metal structure of your umbrella breaks, it is usually time to throw it away. However, now, you can use the fabric from that umbrella to make elegant, collapsible, reusable bags. Even though there is some sewing involved, it can be done by anyone!

In general, these small bags are effortless to make and can be folded into a roll so you can take them with you. They are so small that you can put one in your bag but never know where it is.

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