5 Common Frugal Things That Are Absolutely NOT Worth It

frugal things that are not worth it
reusable toilet paper
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2. Reusable toilet paper

Suddenly, one-ply isn’t sounding too awful. Another example of frugal things that are not worth it is reusable toilet paper, which is more of a “cheapskate” approach than an effective way to save money.

Also known as “a family cloth,” it’s just what it sounds like: clothes used in place of toilet paper, then kept in a bag or hamper after use.

The problem with using reusable toilet paper lies in what happens after you… you know. Of course, you wash them, but do you head straight to the washing machine? Or do you just throw the dirty cloth in the hamper? A separate container or the same hamper as the rest of your laundry?

However you segregate things, cross-contamination is going to be a real issue. Just think of the germs you’re going to spread, and you’ll agree that using reusable toilet paper is among those frugal things that are not worth it.

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