5 Common Frugal Things That Are Absolutely NOT Worth It

frugal things that are not worth it
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3. Driving across town for gas

The national average price for a gallon is now $3.8, and while we’ve seen it higher than this number, gas costs can quickly add up if you use your car every day. So when a friend tells you about cheap gas “not too far away from home,” it may get your attention.

Is it really worth the drive?

Cheap gas may sound tempting, but what if you have to drive 10 miles to save $0.1 per gallon? Not a great deal, isn’t it? Driving to the other side of town to save 10 cents on gas because it’s the lowest price is definitely one of those frugal things that are not worth it. That’s because the gas and time it takes to do that may cost you more in the long run.

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