Looking for Christmas Lights? Here Are 4 Frugal Choices

christmas lights
christmas lights
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What to take into consideration before getting any lights:

Before you start searching for any holiday lights, you need to remember a couple of specifics that are generally related to your space and personal preferences. We made a list with some of the most important ones:

Incandescent lights

These traditional “mini lights” are made with a tiny incandescent bulb that presses into the plastic socket. The contacts on these light bulbs are thin wires that are bent back to contact the socket when the bulb is pressed in. These lights will come with the good old-fashioned Christmas look, but they often come with a ton of issues, because after a while, they start flickering.

LED lights

Nowadays, people prefer getting LED lights to solve all of their holiday lighting problems, mostly because they use less power, but they still look fabulous. One of their biggest issues is related to the “color” of white lights. You will usually find white LEDs in cool or warm options, but if you want to go for the traditional look, it’s quite difficult to go with LEDs.

LED Christmas Lights Brizled

This is the ideal set of Christmas lights for anyone who wants to change up their lighting display anytime during the season. We’re talking about a 66-foot string of lights with 200 lights and 11 lighting modes, which uses multicolor and warm white LEDs.

What makes the set even better is that it’s dimmable, and comes with four brightness levels. The warm white has a very pleasant hue, not too yellow, and the multicolored LEDs are on the pastel side.

There’s also a built-in timer that can be set for various time periods, and you can easily connect as many as three sets end-to-end. As the lights can easily be used outdoors (because they come with an IP44 rating), the plug and the transformer/control box have to be protected from any water source. The wire is silver, so it might get a bit obvious in the daylight.

Fairy Twinkle Christmas Lights 

What really won us over when it comes to the Fairy Twinkle Christmas Lights is that they have a certain no-hassle reliability, compared to other incandescent light sets, as this enormous, 115-foot strand of 320 color LEDs comes with a ton of coverage.

These lights remind us of the traditional incandescent mini lights we had when we were kids. They have eight lighting modes that you can easily cycle through by using a simple button on the plug (there’s nothing remote), besides a couple of waterproof connectors to string together up to 5 sets. If you want to buy something for your outdoor lighting displays, this is the piece you have been looking for.

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