Looking for Christmas Lights? Here Are 4 Frugal Choices

christmas lights
christmas lights
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Meteor Shower Christmas Lights

If you feel like going a bit extra this season on your holiday lights, these Christmas lights are the best choice to do so. They look absolutely amazing hanging from tree branches or even along the bottom edge of your roof.

Even better, if you don’t want to focus so much on your outdoors, you can easily use this set for your indoors, as well. We were also very pleased to see that the lights are working exactly as they’re advertised, with the LEDs in each tube illuminating in some sort of downward sequence.

Plus, each tube starts at random intervals. The pure white LEDs are also double-sided, which makes them visible from any given angle. The strand is around 10.5 feet and includes eight tubes 12 inches long.

You might string as many as five sets together, as they come with waterproof connectors. However, keep in mind that the plug isn’t waterproof, so you might have to plug it into some sort of protected receptacle.

Ceramic Christmas Lights

The pretty vintage-style bulbs would definitely make a great holiday look, as they are for both indoor and outdoor use. The light strand is no less than 25 feet long, with 27 screw-in incandescent glass bulbs in five different colors.

The sockets also have clips molded into them, which will help hang the lights and orient them just the way you like. For those of you who didn’t use the style of light in a while, you probably forgot how much heat they make.

It’s also worth noting that turning them on and off repeatedly might cause the bulbs to loosen over time. The set has two spare bulbs, which you will probably use, as these bulbs can easily break once they fall on hard surfaces.

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