6 Affordable Ways to Get Rid of Your Body Odors

affordable, body odors
affordable, body odors
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5. Lemon

Lemon is another affordable and natural ingredient to help you get rid of body odor. Its acidic properties will keep the skin in the armpits at a balanced PH level. How does it work? Slice a medium-sized lemon and rub it on your underarms. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the juice with warm water before applying it to your skin with a cotton pad.

Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse it with warm water. After that, you can use a body cream with coconut oil to hydrate the skin.

6. Rubbing alcohol for smelly feet

Sometimes smelly feet can get us into nasty and embarrassing situations. And because of that, we must be careful not only with the type of shoes we’re wearing but also with the fabric of the socks. However, there is an inexpensive and natural solution to this problem. Put a bit of rubbing alcohol combined with water in a spray bottle and spray your shoes with this mixture when you get home.

Make sure your shoes are completely dry before you wear them again. Isopropyl alcohol is very unfriendly to the skin, so try to avoid direct contact with the skin as much as possible.

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