Online Shopping? 11 Things You Should Never Buy Online

Online shopping has changed enormously in the last couple of years, especially in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. At a touch of a button, people get want they want really quickly. However, do you think it’s always a good idea to shop online?

Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to fill out virtual carts, sometimes, it shouldn’t be the first option. Online shopping is not really for everything. Some things should be purchased the old-fashioned way.

Grab the keys to your car, get in it, and drive to the closest shop if you want to buy the following items.

Psst! Don’t forget your mask!

Certain items can’t be sent back, and if you’re unlucky to order something with flaws, you can say goodbye to your hard-earned money. Take a piece of furniture, for example. You’ve ordered a sofa, and when you’ve received the item, you’ve spotted some scratches or, even worse, you took the measurements wrong, and it doesn’t fit.

You immediately think to return it, but you’ve also forgotten to read the policies and the sofa you ordered online can’t be sent back. That’s your fault. And it’s not just about unfamiliar stores. Even Amazon has a list of things you can’t return. You can easily avoid this situation by checking the website policies first.

Once the money has flown from your account, there’s no turning back.

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How much do you really know about pillows? No one can deny its importance for having good quality sleep, but still. Which factors pop into your mind when buying new pillows? Is it the softness, the shape, or the material?

Not all of us are pillows experts, and sometimes you just have to trust your gut. But you can’t actually apply this method when you don’t see the product in your hands. That’s why it’s not a good idea to order pillows online. The same goes for mattresses.

Plus, if you aren’t pleased with what you have picked, it can take a while to get your money back. And we all know how expensive pillows can be.


Nowadays people want to spend more and more time outdoors and for good reasons. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we feel trapped in our own homes, and simple activities such as riding a bike could mean more to us than they used to before.

However, just like many other things, bikes shouldn’t be purchased online. Just go to a local store. In general, salespeople can help you pick the best bike for you because a bicycle should fit your size, your experience, and, of course, the purpose.

Another benefit of buying local is that you can quickly go to the same store where you purchased your bike for adjustments and repairs, which you can’t say the same about Amazon.


Purchasing groceries online is indeed a time-saver, but it’s most definitely not what you want when it comes to certain products. While adding pantry staples like sugar, flour, and canned goods in the virtual cart is excellent and recommended during these unprecedented times, that’s not the case with fresh produce.

Veggies and fruits need a visual experience. It’s quite impossible to tell as an online shopper if the bananas are ripe or not. What’s more… Most grocery store items are photoshopped before being added to the website.

So, no, don’t purchase fresh produce online. It is not worth it.

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Large appliances

It’s really comfortable to wait for your big TV screen to arrive while sitting on the couch, but it’s not a good idea. Just like fresh produce, appliances can also look spectacular on the website. And sometimes, what you get isn’t what you’ve asked for.

For instance, a photo taken from the right angle can fool the eye into thinking that the water dispenser is deeper than it actually is. Just try shopping for these types of appliances in person. From instructions and warranties to specifications and functions, you can get your pieces of information straight from the store.

Pricey jewelry

Big-ticket items need a lot of research, and even if the Internet provides endless information about most products out there, you still have to trust your pair of eyes.

Jewelry is in the same category, so you might want to see and touch an anniversary necklace or your wedding rings before buying them. (Between us… you might want to ask for your wife’s opinion too.)

According to the International Gem Society, all diamond dealers buy diamonds in person, so because they are pros in the field, you should follow their lead.

Musical instruments

Don’t buy a musical instrument online. This is probably the biggest mistake you could possibly make. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to know how your new musical instrument will sound without actually playing it first. The best example is violins.

Besides, almost all musical instruments cost a fortune, so you don’t want to invest in something this big just to regret it afterward. They are fragile items, too, and not all sellers are professional packers, especially if we are referring to a store that’s not dedicated to musical instruments.

Just look in person when you want to make this type of purchase.

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Although I’ve purchased flowers online countless times, I can’t say that every single order was perfect, and it has nothing to do with setting high expectations. Sometimes the issue surged from the pictures posted on the website.

All bouquets were beautiful in photos, but the reality was quite different. Another problem with buying flowers online is the size of the bouquet. You can’t really picture how big a bouquet consisting of eleven roses will be unless you see it.

Go the old-fashioned way and if you have a reputable local florist, trust her/his hands and experience.


Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can literally be a nightmare. I’m actually terrified of putting on my old swimsuit… More than a year into pandemics has taken a huge toll on my body. If you’re feeling the same, you know how difficult it is to find the right bathing suit.

It’s hard in reality, and it’s quite impossible online. Maybe from time to time, we fall into the trap of buying swimsuits online, but be honest… How many swimsuits purchased online looked good on you? Zero, right?

That’s because almost all stores feature their swimsuits on models.

Makeup and perfume that’s new to you

When you’ve been wearing a specific scent or mascara for years, it’s perfectly fine to buy them online. You know what you’re getting, especially if you’re purchasing them from the same reputable source.

However, if you want to try something new, I won’t buy it online. Perfume descriptions are for connoisseurs, and even if you have an idea about how it will smell, your skin might say otherwise. A new scent my smell completely different on your skin compared to your best friend’s skin.

And, as for makeup products, you can end up with an eye infection if you’re not buying them from a reliable vendor.

And last… No-name tech (Don’t buy them online!)

We are surrounded by no-name gadgets and accessories that offer great prices, and sometimes it’s okay to cheap out, but not when it comes to certain products. Take laptop chargers, for example. Your laptop is most likely a name brand, and you don’t want to put it at risk of an electrical shock or even fire.

So, don’t buy a cheap charger for your laptop—it could translate to a fire hazard… You can’t control and delete everything, at least not in real life, so it’s best to stick to brand-name gadgets and accessories.

If your pocket disagrees, at least buy them in person. You may be able to spot some manufacturing issues.

And, on a brighter note, here are 13 couponing websites you might want to try!

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