Top 10 Worst Items to Buy at Warehouse Clubs


When the time is short and your shopping list is long, you usually want to stop at the warehouse club. After all, places like Costco or Walmart have everything from groceries, cleaning supplies, electronics, and clothing, usually in bulk and often sold at discounted prices. In addition, you need to get value from the annual membership fee you pay.

Even though the warehouse club is a great place to shop for toilet paper, kitchen necessities, and even wine; you may want to omit certain items. The following are everyday items sold by warehouse clubs that you need to consider buying somewhere else.

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Brand-name cereals

A Warehouse Club sells brand-name cereals, but budget-conscious shoppers know they can buy breakfast staples elsewhere at lower prices. Cereal companies offer discounts and coupons that can be used at your local grocery or department store retailer but not in a warehouse.


Many of the items on this list are not easy to buy because they will go bad before considering it a significant investment. Books are a different story. You should skip the books in the warehouse store because you might find cheaper books on Amazon or at a local book store. Even better, do not buy books at all. Switch to e-books, and you will find many free options.

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Skincare products containing SPF

Be very cautious when buying skincare products containing SPF from a Warehouse Club. This is because SPF will go bad over time. Warehouses often sell these types of items. Before purchasing, you should consider how often you will use the product and whether you will be able to use it before the expiration date.

Skincare products containing SPF have a lifespan of up to two years if stored properly. However, if you only apply a thin coat of the product each time you use it, it may take longer to finish.

Unless you use these types of skincare products regularly or share them with other people, you may want to avoid buying them in bulk. You’d better buy the full-size version at your local pharmacy, where you can enjoy weekly deals, coupons, and loyalty discounts. You will get your money’s worth because you should be able to complete it before you throw it away.

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Spices are a complicated item because you can’t actually store them for a long time since they go bad. Spices like cinnamon, saffron, and oregano need to be taken care of. In terms of price, it may seem like a bargain to buy large amounts of spices compared to the small containers in supermarkets.

However, unless you’re feeding an army, you won’t run out of these spices before they lose their flavor. The lifespan of ground spices is two to three years. After that, they lose their freshness and flavor.

Suppose you buy standard-sized spice bottles (up to 3 ounces at traditional grocery stores or large retailers). In that case, it is realistic to complete them within that time frame. However, when you buy spices in bulk from the Warehouse Club, which comes in 5-pound containers, it may take much longer to finish.

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Bread is another item that is not necessarily a bad deal in the warehouse club. However, you may get so much that you have to freeze some of them to prevent spoilage. If you often have to freeze bread, you should check if there is a bakery nearby, where you can buy bread products at a lower price.

Liquid cleaning agent

Liquid cleaning products lose their effectiveness over time. Buying large quantities of liquid detergent or washing powder may not be a wise strategy. Unless you wash clothes or wash dishes by hand often, it is best to buy a small amount of liquid detergent.

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Suppose you had an unexpected headache and you discover that you have run out of ibuprofen or acetaminophen. In that case, it seems a bright idea to stock up on a large bottle of pills for the next time you go to a warehouse club.

But remember, unless you use these products daily, it is a waste of money to buy a 750 pills bottle because you won’t use it entirely before it expires. If you are considering using painkillers after the expiry date on the bottle, be aware that they may lose their effectiveness, and you can get food poisoning.

Sauces and Dips

Unless you are shopping for food for a party or large family, you should only purchase a small amount of hummus, dip, and gravy. This is because these are perishable foods, that once opened they spoil after a specific time.

Based on the unit price, you may end up spending more at a traditional grocery store, but you are more likely to fill a smaller container. If you want to save on money, pay attention to weekly promotional announcements in various grocery stores.

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Canned food

It is best to buy regular-sized canned food at your local grocery store. These canned foods will run out fast. Some grocery stores even offer exclusive discounts on canned food at different times of the year when prices can fall sharply.

It is not a good choice to buy canned foods in bulk because most can go bad. In fact, even though canned food can be stored for two years from the date of purchase, sometimes you don’t want to eat anything that has been in your basement for more than a year.

Meat from Warehouse Clubs

If you plan to stock up on chicken, beef, or the mighty seafood during your next Warehouse Club visit, you can end up making a big mistake. If you don’t have plenty of freezing space at home, buying large amounts of food is nearly impossible.

Unless you are preparing for a big family reunion or have a house full of children, chances are you will forget about the meat that you have in your freezer. There is nothing wrong with stocking up on the meats you cook regularly because you know that you will use them by the end of the month. However, buying meat for 6 months to a year is not advisable at all.

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