10 Amazon Prime Perks You’re Probably Not Using – But You Should!

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With the COVID-19 pandemic showing us the perks of buying online, the numbers of Amazon Prime memberships have skyrocketed as people were drawn to the two-day shipping and the many other perks, including access to Prime Video.

Not to mention that students get to have the membership for half the price and, let’s be honest, what student likes to spend their time in stores when there are much more interesting things to do with their free time.

With the prices of the Amazon Memberships going up (from $119 to $139) we thought it was high time we look into the perks that they offer again. For some, this increase in annual pricing may have been a dealbreaker, but did they know all the perks that come with the membership, or did they just superficially use it?

Here we have gathered 10 perks that most people do not know come with their Prime membership, so you can take advantage of your membership to its fullest! In true frugal fashion, it’s all about shopping smarter!

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2 thoughts on “10 Amazon Prime Perks You’re Probably Not Using – But You Should!”

  1. These price hikes are starting to make me rethink this Prime thing. At some point, the cost starts to outweigh the benefits.

  2. I will be cancelling my Prime Membership. To costly for what I use it for. I only do it for shipping with auto subscription but that is not as good as it use to be. Prices not consistent and sometimes I see where I could have ordered an item cheaper. I don’t use music, books, streaming services, or anything else it might offer. There should be an option for a price depending on what you use.

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