8 Products You Definitely Do Not Need

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Have you ever wondered if those “miracle” products are actually useful for anything? 

Unfortunately, the answer is, more often than not, “no.” Some of those products that advertise themselves as revolutionary are actually just another cash grab, or they aren’t as amazing or useful as first presented. As a result, you may end up not only spending money on them but also amassing a large amount of junk in your home that you will either never use or simply hoard for no reason: after all, you paid for it, right?

Even the ones that aren’t actual gimmicks end up not being used as often as we fool ourselves into thinking they will be. Sure, it’s interesting and useful to have a panini press, but how many times will you end up taking it out, heating it up, or making yourself such a sandwich for lunch or dinner? You’ll end up forgetting it even exists!

The truth is that we end up being fooled into buying tons of products, many of which are just totally useless, despite their first appearance. But which ones are the biggest offenders? In order to help you spot clever marketing ploys disguised as useful appliances, we have gathered the most useless products people try to sell you in-store.

Let us know which product fooled you into buying it, but you never used it!

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