Buying but Never Using? 6 Products That Fooled All of Us

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Have you ever wondered if the things everyone customarily buys are actually useful?

Whether you have wondered or not, you cannot deny the fact that we all fall prey to impulse buys. It’s something that even the strongest of frugal warriors fall for because some purchases can so easily be justified if we stop thinking long-term about them. And if there’s a deal involved, we all have those friends that will fall for almost anything that seems to be a bargain.

Truly, there are lots of items we purchase with the intention of using them, only for them to be put in a cupboard and never see the light of day ever again! Not by choice, of course, but the intention to buy can be as pure as we may want it to be; if you don’t end up using the item, it’s still something you bought for nothing.

This is exactly why we have gathered some of the most useless things people buy with the intention of using them, which end up just gathering dust somewhere in our homes after a use or two (if they ever see any usage at all!).

Read along and let us know if you fell for these impulse buys or if you managed to stay strong!

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