6 Ways Coupons Are a Waste of Your Time and Money

use coupons at dollar stores
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Who doesn’t like a good deal? We know all of us love them, especially if we are trying our best to be frugal. And somehow coupons have become synonymous with being frugal. Getting the Sunday newspaper and clipping them out just ends up meaning that you are going to save money in the long run. But what if we told you that they aren’t the holy grails of saving money that most have made them out to be?

Hear us out before you jump to conclusions, though! We know it will sound blasphemous to most of the big budgeters out there when we suggest you give up on using coupons so frequently, but they aren’t as helpful as some people and even shows make them out to be. Sure, if you end up buying food to feed a football team for a week, they’re your best friends. But for smaller families, they may just end up fooling you into spending more money.

Read along and find out the ways in which coupons have fooled us into thinking they’re more useful than they truly are! (Not to mention the amount of time it takes to clip them and research stores.) Let us know if you’re a coupon enthusiast down below!

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