9 Foods You Should ALWAYS Freeze to Save Money

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Butter freezes quite well, especially since it doesn’t change its texture or consistency after it is frozen. If you get lucky and find your favorite butter on sale at Aldi for only $2/lb, make sure you buy more and freeze it.

It’s probably one of the easiest ways to save money on our grocery bill, and it is super handy not to worry anymore about running out of butter when you feel like baking.


If you have ever frozen milk before, then you know it separates a bit. However, if you shake it up, it will mix together quite nicely, and it won’t be a problem anymore, especially if you need it for cooking or baking.

To freeze the milk, you need to check if your plastic milk jug has a specific circle on the side. If it has, you can easily put the jug in the freezer because that particular circle area is meant to expand and keep the jug from bursting as the milk freezes.

Sour cream

Naturally, the consistency of sour cream changes when it’s frozen, but it still tastes the same. However, you have to make sure that you use the frozen sour cream in specific recipes where the consistency won’t be noticed.

Cottage cheese

I think cottage cheese is a must-have in our kitchen, but it’s also scary how fast it can go bad. If you decide to freeze the cottage cheese, you will soon realize that it can be a success.

Just as with sour cream, cottage cheese will change its consistency, leaning more towards a watery consistency. However, it still works well in casseroles, soups, lasagna, and baked goods.

Cream cheese

Another tasty item that changes its consistency a bit when you freeze it While you might not spread it easily on bagels, frozen cream cheese is great for baking, cooking, and other things like dips.


If you’re worried that yogurt will go bad, put it in the freezer. As with other milk products, it could change its consistency a little bit, but you can still use it in baking and cooking.

If the yogurt comes in little yogurt cups, you can even make yogurt popsicles. Don’t know how to do that? Insert a popsicle stick into the top, then once it is frozen, pop the yogurt out of the pack, and there you have it: a tasty yogurt popsicle.

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