7 Cheap Groceries Americans Buy Most Often (No. 4 Is Shocking!)

cheap groceries

Dollar Store cheap groceries
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Some silly shoppers out there might say that cereal is actually eye candy. Well, it is, and they are 100% right. Have you ever seen a cereal box? Of course, you did. Then you must know that those colorful cereal boxes are right across the candy section, and the minute you get in there, you have to buy something.

Everything looks way too good. And oftentimes, it’s too difficult to decide on only one cereal box, and if you somehow manage to decide, you’ll mainly opt for brands at eye level. Needless to say, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the most sugary and heavily advertised kids’ cereals are on the lower shelves, and it somehow explains why we are spending somewhere around $6 billion a year on ready-to-get cereal.

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