7 Cheap Groceries Americans Buy Most Often (No. 4 Is Shocking!)

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Salty snacks

For most of us, snack food is nothing but a staple. We know it’s not the healthiest option, but it’s surely tasty. That’s why it’s safe to say that for most Americans, there will always be a couple of cheese puffs, pretzel sticks, and highly seasoned cereal concoctions.

It only makes sense to grab a couple of salty snacks as we zip through the grocery store. Before arriving in the snack aisles, you might want to focus only on those that are on sale. Otherwise, what’s the whole point of going for cheap groceries?


You can drive 100 miles and walk into the first grocery store that you’ve never even heard of, and you’ll still walk right to the milk. After all, why would someone hide one of the most important staples? The arrangement is probably the biggest indicator of how important this staple is.

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