7 Cheap Groceries Americans Buy Most Often (No. 4 Is Shocking!)

cheap groceries
frozen meal cheap groceries
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Frozen dinners

Grocery stores are increasingly strategic when it comes to locating their most delicious and alluring smells. Well, that’s probably why you always see near the entry the chicken turning in the rotisserie, those delicious cookies crisping in massive ovens, and stir-fried veggies steaming behind counters, besides eggrolls and wontons.

But it gets funnier: as most of us trained ourselves to forego these tasty deli creations and stick with something more economical (that usually implies a lot of DIY), those grocery store folks thought of something else: why not march past the goodness wafting, strategically placed right in your direction?

But at the end of the day, the price beats the lust, and as it turns out, most Americans stick with frozen dinners, because these are the cheap groceries we’re all looking for.

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