How to Spend Less Money and Still Have a Full Shopping Basket!

spend less money
spend less money
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1. Pay for your groceries in cash

If you want to spend less money on your groceries, one of the most efficient methods is to pay in cash. In my case, I use the envelope budgeting system because it’s a great way to spend your money wisely without the fear of overspending.

Using this way of budgeting, you must withdraw your monthly income in cash from the bank and divide it into several envelopes based on your goals. This entails setting aside money for fixed expenses and variable expenses like food, entertainment, clothing purchases, and dining out. Using a certain amount of hard cash to pay for goods is definitely a good way to spend less money!

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  1. we have been doing everything you showed for a long time nice to know we are doing something right but not happy with stores that you need to purchase 4 or 5 same items to get lower price why not give us the lower price for one selection

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