How to Spend Less Money and Still Have a Full Shopping Basket!

spend less money
spend less money
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5. Don’t settle for one grocery shop! Compare the shop’s offers for better prices

It goes without saying that independent food stores and supermarkets charge varying prices for the same goods. The cost of the same item can frequently differ significantly amongst retailers. So, you’ll need to conduct some in-person or even online market research to ensure that you meet your monthly food spending goals.

This might entail visiting various stores and noting the variations in cost for the groceries you frequently purchase. You’ll quickly develop the habit of visiting different supermarkets based on the kind of groceries you need to purchase. But keep in mind that these costs might change based on the time of year and any current sales a store may be having.

6. Track all your expenses

The last but not least trick on how to spend less money on your groceries is to track your expenses once you finish shopping. I keep them all in an Excel spreadsheet because it helps me visualize them better. But there are also plenty of apps that are easy to use and free of charge. Choose what’s best for you!

What methods do you use to spend less money? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. we have been doing everything you showed for a long time nice to know we are doing something right but not happy with stores that you need to purchase 4 or 5 same items to get lower price why not give us the lower price for one selection

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